Styling a Toddlers Room……



*Drool alert*: These images from The Little White Company have stolen my heart, & oh how I’d love to style our room like this…………

I feel as though I’m breaking the ‘parenting handbook’ & risk being shamed or ‘tutted’ at disapprovingly by other parents for this admission (on account of Bear now being 3 years old) but he has not transitioned into a ‘big boy bed’ as of yet. He still rests his head in the comfort of a Cot Bed.

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The only way is up…… turning 30!

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, balloons, balloon time, helium balloon, birthdaySometimes, it’s easy to feel despondent about life: Circumstances beyond our control (like health conditions) can be a real drag. I’ve found myself feeling somewhat ‘Meh’ over the past few months, for various & sundry reasons. My ‘30th’ Birthday was looming in the background, & being inundated with sarcastic comments certainly didn’t help the cause: ‘Oh, it’s all downhill from here’ -being the most frequently used. But you see, I will forever be an optimist, at any given opportunity I’ll try & turn a negative into positive: So I happen to think entirely on the contrary. Turning 30? Well, ‘The only way is up’ (& no, that is not a cue for you to start singing the theme tune to TOWIE)

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Celebrating 65 years of the ‘Original Desert Boot’ with Clarks……..

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, clarksTop designers have been feverishly paving the way recently, for comfortable, stylish flat footwear, & the high street is adorned with a vast array of desirable styles. Regardless of your ‘natural’ height, feeling confidently stylish or bang on trend in flats can take a little imagination. Continue reading →

This Month I Have Been……

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I’d love to stay……but i really moust-ache………  If you like this, be sure to check out Fritha’s shop here.

It suddenly occurred to me that February is drawing to a close, & there has been a distinct shortage of updates from me on here over the last few months. I wish I could say it’s because I’ve been recruited by some super swanky brand & working together with them on a top secret assignment or project: Alas, this isn’t the case (One can dream, yes?). Continue reading →

Thirty gifts: To soften the blow of turning the big 3-0……….


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As the title suggests, this week will see me waving buh-bye to my tremendous twenties. On Thursday I’ll be welcoming in the dawn of my ‘Dirty Thirties’ (as the kids all call it, yo). I can sum up my journey through the last decade as: Amazing. Filled with extraordinary memories & experiences I shall cherish forever- but I’ll save reminiscing about those for another day & post entirely. Continue reading →