What is Christmas anyway? *Why I’m NOT a Humbug*

*Cue the blood boiling from hoards of people, because the words Christmas & Humbug mentioned there…….

I didn’t plan on writing this post, but I felt compelled to do so, as tonight I shall be attending an event, which is in partnership with ‘Kids Company’. & With Christmas just around the corner my thoughts just wouldn’t leave me. Like an itch needing to be scratched, the more I tried ignoring them, the louder they became in my mind (no, I’m not nuts, just passionate)


I don’t get into the ‘swing of things’ quite as much as others, around the festive period it seems. My memories of Christmas from my ‘yoot are great: spent in the tropics, these experiences couldn’t be further from the traditions here in the UK. Continue reading →

No frills, Long Haul flying with Norwegian: On a Dreamliner…..

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Words you wouldn’t normally see within the same sentence there: Long haul & no frills?

Budget airlines are something most of us associate with short haul flight durations: aircraft which are packed to the rafters’, being seated far too close to other passengers, it’s a very uncomfortable & intimate affair (Who’s armrest is it anyway?! & Yes, I can smell what you had for lunch…..)

Budget busting airlines get a hell of a lot of stick in the press: Don’t get me wrong, a few of these ‘players’ are sneaky, & deserve the reputation they’re famous for. But what about the window of opportunity they’ve created….world exploration for those budding Michael Palins amongst us? I, for one, love a bargain & it’ll come as no shock to you then, that I’m a massive budget airline fan too.

I’ll be the first to admit, I’d never heard of a long haul budget airline before Norwegian. & When I found out about them, I was a massive skeptic. But, at £1000 less than any other airline for the same route- they certainly weren’t to be sniffed at!

So, here’s the low down on Norwegian:

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Popping my ‘Vlog’ virginity……

‘Ooh er!!’.

I can assure you despite my tongue in cheek intro there, my debut ‘vlog’ comes with a family friendly PG rating (I managed to not swear!!)

Adding a video element to my blog is something I’ve toyed with recently, & after ma home guuurls Kate & Vic simultaneously hit me with some Q&A’s: It seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it a go.

Please be kind: Apologies in advance for my bizarre faces, the copious of times I repeat ‘ok’, ‘umm’ & ‘Like’, & for being generally a little odd. I’d love it if you could watch until the end :) Oh, & I promise any future Vlogs will be MUCH shorter!

It’s filmed the wrong way, there are no fancy pants text or musical elements to it…..BUT, after fretting for hours, feeling defeated & screaming at iMovie, I decided to upload it straight to YouTube whilst bearing this thought in mind:

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This week I’m Loving…….

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Last week, I wrote my first ‘instalment of appreciation‘. I shared with you something perhaps very ordinary & mundane, which made me smile. So please, why don’t you join me for a cuppa Rosie Lee: as I express my gratitude for what’s got me grinning over the last week……….

I’m a fully paid up member of the ‘Shoe hoarders anonymous’ club, & there is ALAWYS space for a new pair of kicks, & this week it’s all about the J’s:

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Globe trotting with a tot……

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I love the sun & I love being outdoors. Hardly a great combination when you’re located in the UK. My penchant for all things hot & sunny surpasses from my childhood. I grew up on the balmy isles of Borneo: & from here I was blessed with the good fortune to also explore the farthest corners of the world with my family. Globetrotting around the planet has continued into my adult life: along with Mr. Bananas we’ve experience a slice of each continent together. A feat of cultural immersion I’m so happy & grateful to be able to add to my ‘life CV’.

Before becoming parents, we’d ticked off the list ‘travelling around Australia’, twice. Not in the ‘gap year’ style as is more common amongst Oz bound pommes of a certain age, but 2 separate visits of 6 weeks each. Both of which involved either a campervan/ jeep & plenty of campsites. After our first trip there, we decided this was the place we desperately craved to call home & raise our future off spring, so it’ll come as no shock to you that for the last 5 years we’ve been plotting our escape.

cool bananas, cool banana blog, Australia, holiday, travel 2014-11-04_0008Until the day arrives when we can ‘set sail’ down under, we have been making the most of destinations that will be too far out of reach for us, when based in Australia. Continue reading →

This Week I’m Lovin’………..

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I can’t quite get my head around the fact we’ve just entered November. What? November?! & With it comes the scary/happy/sad & emotional reality, that Bear turns 3 this month. 3 For crying out loud, when did that happen? HOW did that happen?

Life just feels like it’s whizzing by at the speed of light. I find myself trying to appreciate & absorb every little detail possible, not wanting to miss a beat, but inevitably that isn’t always the case. This year, not unlike others that have preceded us, has been action packed, filled with laughter & love, sadness & emotions.

I’m a classic ‘over thinker’; I procrastinate far too much, especially when it comes to putting pen to paper (or more appropriately on here, fingers to keyboard). In part, because I always want to be very thorough & I’m a self confessed perfectionist: but also, I have so many thoughts & dreams floating around in my head, that I struggle to pin down just one.

Far from being a trait I dislike, in fact, I believe it has many benefits. But the main hindrance as I see it, is the amount of time this behaviour consumes, I often find a single idea takes double the anticipated time to complete (I’m a text book Pisces!)

Our recent escape to Miami allowed me some time to rebalance & I’ve decided to take advice from the legend that is Walt. Walt Disney. More specifically from Frozen, & just ‘Let It Go’. When I envisioned Cool Bananas, I wanted to capture snippets of things within the daily grind that made me smile, little nuggets that make me happy. As a family we constantly strive to create fantastic memories that we’ll cherish, & of course little Bear & Mr Bananas are my ultimate ‘happiness creators’. But I’ve decided to share more of ‘me’ on these pages. Nothing particularly intellectual, less writing from time to time, just a little bit of, well, what ever takes my fancy & makes me smile. Because life can get too serious & bog you down sometimes: it’s good to ‘Let it go’ & just celebrate the simple things.

Without further a do: This week I’m Loving……….

My Dungarees, I’m all over ma overalls!

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