Life Lately……..


cool bananas, cool bananas blog, happy banana, sad banana Zoiks, how on earth is it May already?! Although with the abysmal weather, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was still winter (I’m ready to crack the shorts out- Sunshine, take note). On a more sober note, how on earth have I neglected my poor wee blog so? It’s probably quite noticeable* that I’ve been rather hush-hush recently (erm, actually the entire year). Continue reading →

Why we should ALL choose Beautiful…….

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If you were confronted with 2 doors to pass through, both of which had signs above them, one reading ‘Average’ the other ‘Beautiful’, which would you choose to walk through & why? This is the concept of cosmetic giant Dove’s latest commercial.

Now, I for one can be considered pretty cynical, however, despite this being an advert, essentially an agenda to sell us a product, the resulting video moved me. Not necessarily for the right reasons. It was thought provoking & inspired me to write this, sadly I found it far from empowering. Continue reading →

Jack of All, Master of None*……..

*Alternative titles:

(1) Feeling like a failure

(2) Am I good enough?

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Always, ALWAYS remember…..we’re all kinda awesome, even when we don’t feel like it *fist bump*

Something has been weighing me down lately: the bitch that is self-doubt. Feeling inferior to others, & that on some level I’m not quite good enough to be part of the ‘gang’. Never really cool/ popular/ fashionable/ intelligent enough. Or as experienced in a particular field to quite make the grade. Always being pipped to the post. I’ve been questioning whether my opinions, or what I’m able to bring to the table, pose any significance? Indeed, if my voice is ever heard. Continue reading →

Blonde-blonde to Golden Blonde with Headmasters………

I got my Hurrr did. Well, if you wish to be ‘Grammatically correct’, then I’ve had my hair done. But look yo! I’m trying’ to be down with the kids & this is the lingo……

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A rather fetching look, eh? Toning down that brassy blonde to a golden blonde with ’tissue lights’ at Headmasters, Soho.

If you want to ‘fix up look sharp’ (as Dizzee Rascal so eloquently puts it) then there really is nothing quite like having your hair primped and preened to within an inch of its existence, for you to reemerge from behind those salon doors with luscious locks & an added ‘pizazz’.

Since becoming a mum, visiting the hair salon has become a special treat that I wait for in joyful anticipation. There’s no other quick fix around like it, within a few blissful hours, you appear all fresh ’n’ new. Continue reading →

Life Lately…….

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, iPad, starbucks, paperchaseYikes!! Is it seriously the end of March?! Despite my best intentions to grace these pages with more regular updates, I seem to have unintentionally taken a step back: to collect my thoughts, brainstorm some colourful ideas/ proposals/ projects, & just simply focus my energy on life. Lately, gusto around here has been intrinsically non-existent. Honestly? I’ve been swallowed up in a bit of a funk. So I have a small plea for spring, if you’re listening, PLEASE can you get a shifty on & be here already? The lighter, warmer, sunnier days always lift my spirit enormously. Thanks.

In the mean time, whilst the weather continues to tease us with the odd warmer day, followed by torrential downpours, here’s a little bit of life lately from Cool Bananas HQ. Continue reading →

Styling a Toddlers Room……



*Drool alert*: These images from The Little White Company have stolen my heart, & oh how I’d love to style our room like this…………

I feel as though I’m breaking the ‘parenting handbook’ & risk being shamed or ‘tutted’ at disapprovingly by other parents for this admission (on account of Bear now being 3 years old) but he has not transitioned into a ‘big boy bed’ as of yet. He still rests his head in the comfort of a Cot Bed.

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