The White Company……Takes Miami

Flying the flag for The White Company* in the USA….

….*& not to forget, The Little White Company too!

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A few weeks ago, the whole Bananas’ gang had the pleasure of visiting the Electric Cinema in Notting hill for a private screening of Disney’s Frozen, & a sneaky preview of the new season collection from The Little White Company. It couldn’t have come at a better time: With our family Vay-Kay to Miami on the horizon & a stay with friends taking over their house planned, I was on the hunt for some present inspiration (I’ll refer to our hosts as the ‘B’ family)

All my friends & family will tell you, I have a slight unhealthy obsession with the white company products, & their scented candles are in my opinion the best out there for ‘scent throw’ (that’s the technical term for how well they smell when you burn ‘em) I’m a Seychelles gal, through & through.

Mrs. B, being my TWC nemesis, is on a whole other level of White Company love… each room of their home, you’ll find a reed diffuser & candle combo, & nearly every scent ever produced by TWC on proud display. It kinda goes without saying: their house smells divine! On our previous jaunts across the globe to them (The Cayman isles last year) A Candle has always been my gift of choice. The same applied this year, only I came up trumps presenting them with a new kid on the block……

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En vogue, in Brogues……….

Ah, the humble Brogue: A word derived from the Gaelic bróg (Irish), bròg (Scottish) “shoe”, is a style of low-heeled shoe or boot traditionally characterised by multiple-piece, sturdy leather uppers with decorative perforations (Why, thanks, wiki)

Just the other week, I shared with you my fashion dilemma for a pending wedding ceremony. Feeling a certain pressure to conform to the traditional ‘wedding guest uniform’ of obligatory high heels, I raised the question: Could I wear flat shoes to a wedding? & My conclusion: without a shadow of a doubt, YES!

Since the wedding took place in a barn out in the countryside, flats were a no-brainer. & Lets not forget their dancability ‘til the stroke of midnight’ comfort factor!

I decided upon a slightly androgynous look, & the leather detail on these Clarks Cut-out Brogues caught my eye. I’m not really one to follow ‘trends’ instead I select items for their longevity & ‘style’ potential.

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Canterbury Tales: A Barn Wedding……

Nearly 3 years after Bear graced us with his presence, Mr. Bananas & I eventually got around to going on a mini adventure of our very own. With an invitation to a friends ‘Adult only’ wedding, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to call in a cheeky favor from the Grandparents, & allow us a night or two of freedom from our ‘parental responsibilities’, for the very first time. Feeling equally excited & guilty, off we skedaddled to Canterbury.

We had intended to spend the entire day, Friday, mooching around the town & duly taking tourist snaps of the cathedral. Unfortunately, we were delayed in leaving so the best we managed was a spot of dinner……

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I frequently describe myself as an organised mess, & true to form, I left booking accommodation until the last minute. This can often spell disaster: acting in desperation, you opt for anywhere……even if on Trip Advisor there are scathing reviews. Luckily for us, this wasn’t the case, we hit the jackpot with our B&B: Immaculately clean, ideally located for Canterbury & the wedding venue, friendly owners, & the tastiest breakfast……

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My October-Lust……..

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October is looking a-okay!

Historically, October isn’t a month I greet with open arms. For a sun bunny, outdoorsy chica like me, it signifies an end to the warmer, milder months & brings with it shorter days, longer nights, rain & cold weather (I for one, am not looking forward to the weather changing, just so I can get my bloody boots out! *NB. My Instagram timeline is pack full of such messages) Well, I’ve got something to tell ya October….Ha, the joke is on you this year! For I, sunshine worshiping, adventure seeking Banana lady, have some news for you: I’m actually rather looking forward to the month ahead, & here is why…….

Some much needed ‘adult only’ time…….

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Burnt Toast………..

It’s funny, isn’t it? How a smell can spark a thousand memories: A perfume or aftershave can transport you back to your teenage angst & sweetheart crushes? Perhaps a tropical flower may remind you of a foreign land. How about the smell of home? & I mean your ‘family’ home. Well, mine has got to be burnt toast. To say my dad likes his food well cooked, is an understatement: Beef needs to be charcoaled to within an inch of existence. & Toast? Burnt, with a layer of crisp & crunch, only achieved by setting off the smoke alarms & doing the ‘tea towel’ fanning dance (the one where you’re wafting a tea towel in the air, below the alarm to disperse the smoke).

I know this smell probably drives my mum bonkers, but to me, there really is nothing quite like it, guaranteed to always makes me smile.

I’ve written before about how as parents, we’re seen as ‘superhuman’ to our children, & I openly admit, I hold my parents on this pedestal (‘what d’ya mean, you’re not invincible? How dare you not be!’) Continue reading →

The Fashion Dilemma: An Autumnal Wedding…..

The thought of attending any kind of formal event & the dilemma of what to wear is one that we all contend with frequently. A wedding, or being privy to a VIP black tie bash: These are occasions where upon the invite, those dreaded words appear….. ‘Formal dress only’

I guess my main issue with any type of ‘formal’ event, is the need to, well, conform (I know, I’m such a rebel). Granted, I despise being told what to do, or given guidelines to follow- pertaining to my theory ‘Don’t think outside of the box, think like there is no box’.

Truthfully, It’s just that I believe we’re all so truly unique & have our own sense of style, that why should this be repressed, just so that we can all fit in with the ‘majority’ at an event? Does it make for a prettier picture if we are all dressed in matchy-matchy floaty dresses, high heeled court shoes, or identical ‘moss bross’ suits? (Let’s not forget the fella’s here) Surely, individuals should be celebrated- those who take risks, dare to stand out, or simply stick to their own fashion rules? For me, that makes the picture. Continue reading →