The Holiday ‘Capsule Wardrobe’……….

The ‘Holiday Capsule Wardrobe’: A fantasy or reality?

Ah, the ‘capsule wardrobe’. Far from being something that crosses your mind as a parent, the small, but mighty capsule wardrobe, is something most of us will associate with the likes of fashionistas such as WIT, or from flicking through the pages of a glossy women’s magazine. Venturing anywhere once you become a parent, is a well-oiled, military procedure: one we all have down to a fine art. Never leaving the house without spare clothes, shoes, toys, copious amounts of ‘snacks’ & concealing a secret stash of all aforementioned, in the boot of the car (the back ups -for the back ups, am I right?) The sheer mention of anything ‘capsule’ would certainly be met from me with the death stare. Mr Banana Pants likes to *comment on these essentials as ‘Clutter’ (* When I say ‘comment’ I do of course mean he dices with death)

Travelling abroad with children becomes a whole new ball game. Imagine everything & the kitchen sink? I’m pretty sure you’ll still find you’ve forgotten something. Having said that, I’m confident after plenty of practice, that *I’ve got our family holiday packing down to a fine art (*Yes, I’ve, as in me. Although this should be a joint effort between the Mr & I, he miraculously seems to go AWOL around the time of packing. Rather convenient, hey?)

In just under a week, I’m jetting off to the Greek isle of Rhodes: 4 child-free nights, with Mark Warner Holidays. Not only child free, but minus Mr Bananas too, all on my jack jones (apart from a group of fellow bloggers, whom I can’t wait to meet). I’m excited & terrified in equal measure: shadowed by guilt, that I’m being a tad selfish & doing something exclusively for me. I feel satisfied knowing that Bear will have be having a ball, spending time with Nana (wrapping her even tighter around his little finger) & seeing more of Daddy *eating more chocolate than is humanly possible for a toddler*. & As the phrase goes: Time apart makes the heart grow fonder. So I shall banish negative thoughts for now, & embrace this experience. Continue reading →

Having a Helluva time at HEMA, Bromley……

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Scandinavian, Nordic & Dutch style: It’s always something my eye has been drawn to, & having worked for a Danish lifestyle & fashion brand (pre child days) my fondness only grew. Be it the clean, sharp lines of home décor, or the simplicity of Nordic fashions, to the gadget & gizmos that fill our work & kitchen spaces (Ikea, you have an awful lot to answer for!!) Getting your mitts on such delights in the UK has always been slightly tricky: even in this day & age where practically anything you could want is available at the click of your finger tips (thanks, internet) I’ve only come across a handful of ‘high street’ retailers stocking such items, based in the UK. & These have either been dedicated ‘fashion’ or ‘interior’ companies. What about those times when you need want a selection of lifestyle products in this style?

Well then, can I getta ‘Hallelujah’ please? For the Dutch company HEMA, who recently opened its doors upon our fine shores, in my local town of Bromley (that slightly confused ‘London’ Borough- for are we Kent, or South East London?!) Continue reading →

A Wedding Gift….

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The way H asked me to be her Bridesmaid

A few weeks ago, a year of careful planning came together & created possibly the most spectacular wedding I have ever attended. Weddings: they occur daily across the globe. A promise & commitment between two people: in itself this is a very ordinary gesture- we make promises & commitments as part of our daily routine (whether we follow through with these is an entirely different matter!) yet in the presence of friends, family & loved ones, within a ceremonial procession, this ‘pact’ constitutes an extraordinary moment none the less.

I had the honor & pleasure of being a bridesmaid to the Beautiful, stunning H. After hours of trawling ‘Not on the High Street’ & ‘Etsy’ for a suitable gift to present H, in light of our friendship & as an expression of thanks for being involved in her special day, I drew a blank. There was nothing I could think of that would meet the grade (on my mummy budget anyway!) Then it occurred to me, I should play on my strengths. So I threw tradition out of the window, caution to the wind & decided to write a little something for my eldest friend, taking it back to the old skool by writing her a letter, like we did in our pen-pal days…………….

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…..The toddler Days (H left, me right)

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Matcha ‘Super Power’ Green Tea….

Hey! what’s the ‘Matcha’ with you?!

By now, you’re probably all aware of my thirst for green tea: apologies Instagram feed, there are dozens of pint sized tea pictures! #sorrynotsorry. I drink green tea simply because I enjoy it & at the risk of being shunned by a nation of Tetley or PG tips drinkers *whispers* ‘I don’t like a traditional cuppa’. In fact, I can’t stand the stuff (the added health benefits of drinking green tea are certainly appealing too). My obsession for a warm green brew, can be traced back (wayyyyy back, & yes that really is me in the pictures) to time spent in The Gambia…… cool bananas, cool bananas blog, the gambia, gambia, green tea, matcha green tea, antioxidants Where a dear friend ‘Mr Keba’ introduced me to an afternoon tradition…. cool bananas, cool bananas blog, the gambia, gambia, green tea, maycha green tea Continue reading →

Mums’ Wear Pyjamas……

Mums’ Wear Pyjamas……

There is a recurring theme that has caught my attention, which seems to pop up on my social media stream *instagram* daily, from around 6pm. You could be forgiven for thinking I’m talking about ‘Wine O’clock’- that sacred, peaceful time: when the children have drifted off into a restful (ha!) slumber, & those tired, stressed out parents amongst us indulge in a little tipple of grapes’ finest: Pleasurable Pinot, Soothing shiraz (No way-Rose, mine is a pint of green tea, natch)

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, green tea, pint of tea, wine o'clock, mums wear pyjamasBut no, the trend I am referring to is of course: Pyjama pants time. That’s right, comfy slacks at the ready for us to shed those restrictive skinny jeans, preparing to melt into the sofa. Ahhh, & reeeelax.

In fact, why specify 6pm for this ritual? I’ll make a little confession to y’all *whispers* no matter what the time of day, whilst I’m at home with little lord Snotface, you’ll more than likely find me chilling in me jammies. Well, that’s a little fib as I don’t officially own any sets of ‘actual’ PJ’s (I know, that’s a shocking revelation, being a ‘mum’ & all) my duds consist of old t-shirts & sweatpants. There really is no other way to get stuck in with toddler play than to be in your comfy house clothes, right? Continue reading →

Mothers Meeting at Zizzi……

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A few weeks ago, I was invited out for lunch to meet some wonderful ladies & sample the new Bambini menu at Zizzi. I know what you’re thinking, gluten free & Italian food are probably arch-enemies? (What, with all that pasta & pizza) In fact, I’ve got to say my experience over the last 10 years with this infuriating dietary requirement, has proven otherwise: often, it’s these gluten-lovin’ restaurants who understand coeliac disease the best & provide the most choice of ‘free from’ options. Zizzi did not disappoint. I opted for a gluten free pizza on this occasion & it was delicious. The Bambini menu went down a treat with all the other sprogletts: & I can’t wait to get the whole Banana gang back there for a spot of lunch. The Bambini Menu offers lots of choice & is reasonably priced at £6.75.

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I ventured into London minis my mini-me (he was at nursery) feeling a mixture of excitement & nerves: I can’t be the only one, who after spending every waking hour with my child for the last few years, when re-entering the world solo, feels slightly lost, As though I am without my comfort blanket? Continue reading →