Mums’ Wear Pyjamas……

Mums’ Wear Pyjamas……

There is a recurring theme that has caught my attention, which seems to pop up on my social media stream *instagram* daily, from around 6pm. You could be forgiven for thinking I’m talking about ‘Wine O’clock’- that sacred, peaceful time: when the children have drifted off into a restful (ha!) slumber, & those tired, stressed out parents amongst us indulge in a little tipple of grapes’ finest: Pleasurable Pinot, Soothing shiraz (No way-Rose, mine is a pint of green tea, natch)

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, green tea, pint of tea, wine o'clock, mums wear pyjamasBut no, the trend I am referring to is of course: Pyjama pants time. That’s right, comfy slacks at the ready for us to shed those restrictive skinny jeans, preparing to melt into the sofa. Ahhh, & reeeelax.

In fact, why specify 6pm for this ritual? I’ll make a little confession to y’all *whispers* no matter what the time of day, whilst I’m at home with little lord Snotface, you’ll more than likely find me chilling in me jammies. Well, that’s a little fib as I don’t officially own any sets of ‘actual’ PJ’s (I know, that’s a shocking revelation, being a ‘mum’ & all) my duds consist of old t-shirts & sweatpants. There really is no other way to get stuck in with toddler play than to be in your comfy house clothes, right? Continue reading →

Mothers Meeting at Zizzi……

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A few weeks ago, I was invited out for lunch to meet some wonderful ladies & sample the new Bambini menu at Zizzi. I know what you’re thinking, gluten free & Italian food are probably arch-enemies? (What, with all that pasta & pizza) In fact, I’ve got to say my experience over the last 10 years with this infuriating dietary requirement, has proven otherwise: often, it’s these gluten-lovin’ restaurants who understand coeliac disease the best & provide the most choice of ‘free from’ options. Zizzi did not disappoint. I opted for a gluten free pizza on this occasion & it was delicious. The Bambini menu went down a treat with all the other sprogletts: & I can’t wait to get the whole Banana gang back there for a spot of lunch. The Bambini Menu offers lots of choice & is reasonably priced at £6.75.

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I ventured into London minis my mini-me (he was at nursery) feeling a mixture of excitement & nerves: I can’t be the only one, who after spending every waking hour with my child for the last few years, when re-entering the world solo, feels slightly lost, As though I am without my comfort blanket? Continue reading →

Fresh Out Of The Laundry: @ KJ’s Laundry……

  • Where? KJ’s Laundry, 74 Marylebone Lane, 
W1U 2PW, 
United Kingdom. Nearest Tube:
Bond Street

Cool bananas, cool bananas blog, KJ's laundry, boutique, london, marlebone, designer, designer clothes, Nestled in a quiet lane, just a stones throw away from hustle & bustle of Oxford street you’ll find an oasis of calm: a low key boutique, stocked with high end established labels. Dedicated to finding wearable, interesting & stylish pieces: When I was invited to pop along for a browse of the latest season & the summer sale, it did not disappoint….. Continue reading →

Our Midlands Road trip: The Pet Show

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Last week you may recall I mentioned our forthcoming road trip & planned adventures to visit The Pet show? Like any master plan with a child *toddler* involved, it went swimmingly! (yeah right!!) How does that saying go? ‘Never work with Children or animals’ Yup, I can confirm whoever coined this phrase knew what they were talkin’ about.

In my head, the plan seemed fool (toddler) proof:

  • A 2 & half hour drive to the venue: Bear would fall asleep for most of it: he had half a blinking hour
  • On arrival Bear would be all refreshed, calm & in a good mood: happy to cooperate with Mummy & Daddy’s requests: He was over tired, over energized & wasn’t paying a blind bit of attention to either of us
  • The animals would intrigue him, chill him out & entertain him. We’d enjoy some much-needed family bonding time: Mr Banana-pants was chasing him around like a wild beast, & the animals (for the most part) were ignored by Bear-unless you count a helium dinosaur balloon an animal?

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The Pet Show 2014: We’re going, are you?

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With the weekend fast approaching, I’m sure like me, y’all probably search high & low: on the internet, social networks & ear-bash anyone who will listen friends to find new & exciting activities, that’ll entertain the whole family? Discovering something that is well suited to a ‘babe in arms’ all the way up to ‘Great Granny’ is by far, no mean feat.

Then of course, add into the mix our British summer: which at the best of times can be accurately described as unpredictable. Once decided upon your plans, doubt quickly then enters your mind ‘Will it be too hot/ cold/ wet: to be in the great outdoors?’

Well, that’s where The Pet Show swoops in & ticks all the boxes. Continue reading →

Livin’ La Villa Loca…..Escaping to paradise with James Villas

  • Where? Kefalonia, Greece
  • Flight time: LGW-Kefalonia 3 hours
  • When? May 2014
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The morning ‘tea’ view from our villa.

In May this year, Mr. Banana-pants & I decided we’d do something many other parents I’m sure would deem us truly bonkers for: we booked a last minute escape to the sun. During my research process (which by the way, is it just me or does this consume entire days, or weeks even?) I discovered that ‘last minute’ holidays now appear to cater towards those planning at least 6 weeks ahead, not a mere 6 days (incidentally our ‘6 days prior to travel’ turned into booking on a Friday afternoon & travelling on the Sunday Morning). Continue reading →