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Wing and sea cost

January: I can’t quite pinpoint, what is it about the first month of a new year, which leaves me so desperately craving a holiday? Dreaming of a tropical jaunt to a far-flung paradise, or a romantic European escape. My list of wanderlust is never ending, travelling & soaking up different cultures is a passion deeply routed within me. Discovering the world is a sentiment I feel is so important for me as a parent, to share & pass on to Bear. Continue reading →

Eyebrows: Permanent Make up, with Tracie Giles……

I’ve ditched my eyebrow pencil, in favour of permanent make up & I couldn’t be happier with the results……

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Turning my back on my favourite brow saviours, for permanent make up. (MAC have *the* best brow pencils, if in doubt!)

Slugs, unibrow, monobrow, the scouse brow: Call them what you will, unless you’ve been hibernating underneath a rock (Hey, I don’t blame you, it’s bloody freezing out there!) you’ll know eyebrows are big business in today’s beauty regime. Thanks, in part, to the likes of ‘The bold brow’ made fashionable on the runway by Cara Delevingne & Kim Kardashian’s ‘Power brow’, grooming & maintaining these fury creatures is all the rage. Continue reading →

Memories of a miscarriage

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As you may have guessed from the title, this will not be much fun for me write. & It’s likely to be a slightly uncomfortable read (sorry about that). But it’s something that is never too far from my mind. Even though 4 years have passed, events from the 14th January still devastate me. & I don’t suppose I’ll ever ‘get over it’. Because you can’t really, can you? Loosing a baby (at any stage of gestation) is incomprehensible. Earth shattering. Devastating. Continue reading →

A Beach Wedding……

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I’ve notoriously shied away from writing deeply personal entries on here. I’m not entirely sure why? Perhaps it’s because, despite having on ‘online presence’, I am in fact quite a ‘private’ person. I despise ‘Over sharing’ & I think it’s really tricky striking a balance of: ‘Oh hey. I thought everyone who stops by here would be interested in this’ & to not come across as a self-absorbed, showboating knob. There are many people I follow & admire, who achieve this equilibrium perfectly. Lets be frank, who doesn’t love a good old nose into the life of others from time to time?! Continue reading →

When Are We ‘Grown Up’?

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‘Katrina, Aged 5 months. Pulling funny faces…….’

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‘Katrina. Aged 29. Pulling faces, not too dissimilar to those she did as a 5 month old…’

I spent a night not so long ago prancing around, with perfect strangers doing the Conga. ‘Cha-cha-cha, c’mon & do the conga…’ Whilst my friend sat watching on from the sidelines, giggling away: I’m not entirely sure if it was a nervous laugh, in a ‘I am NOT with HER’ kinda way, or just ‘She’s a nutter’ . Let’s go with the latter, she is my friend after all.

You see, I’m still partial to periodically acting like a complete & utter lunatic, even if I do look totally ridiculous (case in question, conga dancing!). I far too often find myself getting lost in an episode of the Kardashians & daydream about being BFF’s with Khloe (What? It could happen). Words like poo, bogey, snot & boobies continue to generate a smirk from me. When the toddler says something wholly inappropriate like ‘Mummy, Olaf has big D**k’ (To clarify: he of course is saying BIG STICKS, Olaf has arms made from sticks, fyi.) instead of being mature & correcting him, I burst into a fit of giggles & often say ‘Sorry Bear, he has WHAT ?’ Just so this comedy gold is repeated…

With my husband partner in crime, we create madness like this:

With the big Three-oh looming for me next month *gulp*, I shall be propelled unwillingly into the next age bracket. I’ll no longer be able smugly to say ‘I’m in my twenties’. Continue reading →

Keep It Real, Never Be Fake……

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I believe whole-heartedly in being true to yourself. Remaining genuine, honest. Holding on to your integrity, even during times when it feels like all those who surround you are loosing theirs, ‘selling out’ or jumping on a bandwagon*. Anyone who knows me (& I mean, truly knows me) will vouch for me when I say, I’m very black & white: I say it how it is. Rest assured, I always try my best to approach all situations with grace & poise, FYI, ‘does my bum look big?’ is NEVER a good question to ask me……

*& Actually, the whole bandwagon thing is perfectly fine, After all (1) as humans we tend to adhere to a ‘pack mentality’ & (2) Who the hell am I, to tell you otherwise? This is just my humble opinion.

But do y’know what? It isn’t easy. Being strong enough to voice your opinion when you feel like the tide is against you. Unintentionally, I often stand out of a crowd. The reality is, it can be incredibly isolating & quite lonely at times. Don’t go getting yer violins out, I’m after no sympathy: I’m pretty sure it’s a feeling which resonates with plenty of people, & if by writing this I can in some small way, encourage or reassure others, that can only be a good thing. Right? (I shall tell myself this when I hit publish).

Being honest may not get you a lot of friends, but it’ll always get you the right ones.

John Lenon

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