Suffering a major case of ‘the brain farts’….


Aaaaaarrrrrrghhhhh. WHAT was I trying to remember?!!!!! C’mon brain, I know it’s in there *somewhere*…….

‘Brain Fart’- When you are attempting to remember something very obvious, something that you know you should know. This feeling often leads to head banging and hair pulling- Urban Dictionary.

Help! I’m being plagued by brain fog, recurrent mental block, clouding of the conciseness, loosing mental clarity, an inability to continue a train of thought. Name it what you will: Lately, I’ve found myself suffering an incredibly baaaad case of the brain farts.

I’m not talking about the brain farts we all know too well, & encounter on a daily basis, like; Continue reading →

London Calling // Shoreditch Street Art……

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I’d say that on average, I visit London at least once a week. Usually, this is for something work or blog related: It’s a short 17 minute journey on the train into London Bridge (add another 6 minutes for central London, & Charring cross) & for the most part I manage to avoid the hoards of commuters during the morning rush hour period. I’d like to think I take full advantage of popping into town………..

But, if there is something I’m guilty of though, apart from wearing too much black & sporting a slightly glum look on my face, (both which are an obligatory part of living/ working/ commuting in London. FACT) it’s taking London for granted: Never making enough time to take in the sights, the atmosphere & grander of the capital, & fully appreciating what a bloody great place this is, I call home. Continue reading →

A little note on our BIG move……..

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Me (on an ecstatic phone call to Mr. B) : ‘AHHHHH!! Ohhhhh maiiiii gawd. Did you see the email?’

Mr. B, cool as a cucumber responds, ‘ What email? What is it? Is everything ok?’

Me, ‘Everything is awesome!!’ (cue singing the Lego movie theme tune)…. ‘Our visas. They were granted over night! WE HAVE OUR VISAS!!’ –

At the risk of sounding oh so very cliché, that email, that phone call, they really were life changing. It’s the accumulation of around 6 years worth of daydreaming about a different way of life, & meticulously plotting our escape from the UK. It’s the reward for slogging away over the past 3 years, sifting through mountains of paperwork & subjecting the Mr. to assessment after assessment (to satisfy the Oz government & their criteria of his occupation). It’s been 1 year since we employed the services of a migration consultant, & 4 months from the moment we submitted our final application. Even after all of this, it’s only just the beginning. The start of a new adventure, & a brand new chapter for team Bananas. Continue reading →

I have this thing with Beach huts // Exploring South West England, with Holiday Cottages

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, beach huts, holiday cottages, devon, cornwall Just over a week ago, I hotfooted it across the UK (with my co-pilot Kate), to the rolling countryside of Devon. We were staying in a luxe converted dairy barn, near the town of Bradworthy, thanks to Despite being smack bang in the middle of no-where (you’re talking to a gal who has a 24 hrs tesco’s, 2 minutes down the road), we were only a stone’s throw from a gorgeous beach. Summerleaze Beach, in Bude (which is in fact, North Cornwall, if anyone wants to be a smarty pants about it!) had the sweetest collection of vibrant, cute-as-a-button, beach huts that I ever did see. Continue reading →

Autumnal Baking // Gluten Free – Oat Free- Guilt Free Apple Crumble

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, gluten free, gluten free crumble, gluten free desertWell HAI there, how y’all doing? It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here & I’m feeling all out of practice. I’ve dipped into a little bit of a funk recently, so I decided to dust the cobwebs off by making a deeelish gluten free delight.

I’ve never really been much of a sweet toothed chick, I’d choose some kind of savoury snack over desert any day. But there’s something about the autumnal transition, with the outside temperature dropping, leaving the air with a certain crispness to it, & when the days start to get darker & shorter, that finds me longing for a warming & gooey treat, like a delicious apple crumble.

Despite the huge advances in readily available gluten free products over the last 10 years, I still find where cakes or deserts are concerned, a lot is still left to be desired. Unless that is, you particularly enjoy eating something that’s dry as the Saharan desert & about as tasty as cardboard? (I kid you not!) Continue reading →

When Your Best Friend Is Having A Baby // My Baby Shower Gifts……

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, burts bees, the bright company, cool bananas, cool bananas blog, baby shower giftsThere are certain milestones in life, which will stop you in your tracks & are guaranteed to make you well up with tears (of joy). Like when your bezzie of 30 years (Yes, I’ve known H THAT long, since we were babies) gets married. & When that same friend announces her pregnancy? Well, I could have burst with happiness. I’ll even admit, unashamedly, I was a blubbering mess just the other week as I was chatting to & stroking her bump, that’s totally normal, right?!

I suppose the best way to describe our friendship, is it’s more like a sisterly connection: At times, we’re polar opposites, we don’t live in & out of each others pockets, in fact, weeks or a month can go by without much contact sometimes (we can blame that on ‘life’), but we always pick up where we left off. & I know that wherever life takes us both, we will always be there to support one & another at the drop of a hat. Continue reading →