Thirty gifts: To soften the blow of turning the big 3-0……….


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As the title suggests, this week will see me waving buh-bye to my tremendous twenties. On Thursday I’ll be welcoming in the dawn of my ‘Dirty Thirties’ (as the kids all call it, yo). I can sum up my journey through the last decade as: Amazing. Filled with extraordinary memories & experiences I shall cherish forever- but I’ll save reminiscing about those for another day & post entirely. Continue reading →

Celebrating Strong Women……..#ARWOMAN

cool bananas, cool bananas blogHello February! Geez Louise, where on earth did January disappear to? For regular readers, you’ll have noticed I’ve been a little absent from here throughout January, I find the first month of the new year a tad difficult, on a personal level. Time has passed & I’m ready to crack on now. What better way to start the month, than with some positive vibes: Celebrating strong, inspirational & admirable women, with the #ARWOMAN campaign…….. Continue reading →

Anywhere in the world……

Wing and sea cost

January: I can’t quite pinpoint, what is it about the first month of a new year, which leaves me so desperately craving a holiday? Dreaming of a tropical jaunt to a far-flung paradise, or a romantic European escape. My list of wanderlust is never ending, travelling & soaking up different cultures is a passion deeply routed within me. Discovering the world is a sentiment I feel is so important for me as a parent, to share & pass on to Bear. Continue reading →

Eyebrows: Permanent Make up, with Tracie Giles……

I’ve ditched my eyebrow pencil, in favour of permanent make up & I couldn’t be happier with the results……

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Turning my back on my favourite brow saviours, for permanent make up. (MAC have *the* best brow pencils, if in doubt!)

Slugs, unibrow, monobrow, the scouse brow: Call them what you will, unless you’ve been hibernating underneath a rock (Hey, I don’t blame you, it’s bloody freezing out there!) you’ll know eyebrows are big business in today’s beauty regime. Thanks, in part, to the likes of ‘The bold brow’ made fashionable on the runway by Cara Delevingne & Kim Kardashian’s ‘Power brow’, grooming & maintaining these fury creatures is all the rage. Continue reading →

Memories of a miscarriage

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As you may have guessed from the title, this will not be much fun for me write. & It’s likely to be a slightly uncomfortable read (sorry about that). But it’s something that is never too far from my mind. Even though 4 years have passed, events from the 14th January still devastate me. & I don’t suppose I’ll ever ‘get over it’. Because you can’t really, can you? Loosing a baby (at any stage of gestation) is incomprehensible. Earth shattering. Devastating. Continue reading →