A little, late announcement // Baby Boy

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Well, hello. It’s been a while, again, hasn’t it? The past 2 years, in retrospect, have felt like a bit of a blur: Enduring 6 months of (failed) fertility treatments, followed by IVF (successful on the second attempt), packing up our lives’ in London and moving to Australia. Adjusting to a whole lotta ‘new’ everything. I *think* all of that alone, is reason enough to have a marginally fuzzled head (I’m not sure if fuzzled is an actual word, but I’m calling it). View Post

STOP Gawking, I’m pregnant! (and other, socially inappropriate comments or behaviour)

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*** This is a Public service Announcement, brought to you courtesy of my hormones***

Modern manners, codes of behaviour, decorum and rules of etiquette, they may differ from culture to culture, but manners by and large follow the same principle: Just don’t be dick -I paraphrase, but that just happens to be the single philosophy I keep returning to, which essentially covers the broad spectrum of acceptable ways to conduct oneself around other humans, and in society as a whole, I’m sure you’ll agree? View Post

Maternity Essentials // Fertile Mind

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When I was pregnant with my son, I was a sucker for stockpiling every single mother & baby magazine I could get my hands on. I immersed myself in them, trying to pick up all the insider info, convinced I was gonna have this being a mother thing down. Sleep? I knew how to deal with that. The best buggy? Yup, I was cocksure all my research made me the leading authority on strollers/ travel systems & car seats. Let’s blame those pregnancy hormones & my beautifully naïve mind on all the above delusional thoughts. Because if my introductory to motherhood taught me anything at all it was; You can never be prepared. View Post

A fresh Start // I’ve been away for a while now ……

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7 Months. That’s how long it’s been since I’ve graced these pages, waxing lyrical about life & everything in-between. In fairness, even before I dropped off the blogging radar, my attention to this space dwindled significantly towards the end of last year because as a family, we were gearing up towards our impending move to Australia, whilst also struggling privately with infertility; learning how to cope with the treatments that came with this (which was in fact a challenge we’d been dealing with for a good 2 years). View Post

Life lately…..

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, blogger, blogger lifeOh, Hai there! Erm, so I’ve been a little massively MIA from my blog, completely unintentionally. I haven’t produced anything like as much content as I’d hoped to recently, due to the interference of what can be best described as ‘life admin’. View Post

5 things that get me through the day // MODERN MOTHERHOOD……

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This little thing we call ‘life’, it can be a challenge at the best of times, right? So having a child, or in my case a Threenager, to content with daily can be arduous & exhausting, yet incredibly fulfilling all in one breath. I’m in the constant tight grip of soul-destroying guilt: Am I doing my best? Enough? Could I be a better parent? Do I spend enough quality time with him? At any given point I could be at opposite ends of the emotional spectrum: from incoherent babbling, to hysterical laugher, or on a baaaaad day non-stop tears streaming down my face. It’s a roller-coaster ride baby.

In a world full of ‘crazy’ (thanks for that line there Phil), it’s become essential for my sanity to seek out a few wee things, that allow a moment of escapism, a pause to remind me of normality. Something for an oomph, just to get me through the day. View Post