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cool bananas, cool bananas blog, things that get me through the day

This little thing we call ‘life’, it can be a challenge at the best of times, right? So having a child, or in my case a Threenager, to content with daily can be arduous & exhausting, yet incredibly fulfilling all in one breath. I’m in the constant tight grip of soul-destroying guilt: Am I doing my best? Enough? Could I be a better parent? Do I spend enough quality time with him? At any given point I could be at opposite ends of the emotional spectrum: from incoherent babbling, to hysterical laugher, or on a baaaaad day non-stop tears streaming down my face. It’s a roller-coaster ride baby.

In a world full of ‘crazy’ (thanks for that line there Phil), it’s become essential for my sanity to seek out a few wee things, that allow a moment of escapism, a pause to remind me of normality. Something for an oomph, just to get me through the day.

Now this is by no means a definitive list, oh no, for that I’d probably bore you to tears…

Green tea.

I wake up to a green tea: I finish the day with a green tea. I literally inhale it throughout the day, leaving a trail of destruction behind me in the form of used tea bags. Posh loose-leaf varieties like teapigs*, or run of the mill, off the shelf stuff (* Other brands are available). You get the idea, I’m a fan. The ability to drink it whilst warm however, is a skill yet to be mastered.

My iPhone

Ahh, modern technology, especially of the Apple variety, is a hit in my world. As corny & cliché as it sounds, my Phone is a lifeline. In those moments of desperation where I need reassurance, no one is too far away from comforting me. Either by phone call, or social media comradely. YouTube has been a savior on more occasions that I can count, with Peppa pig, Transformers, The Disney collector & Kinder Eggs on constant tap, for the toddler, not me. Obvs (God forbid that 4G signal drops to a 3G, or gasp an ‘E’- all hell will break loose). Not forgetting all those valuable apps, which help streamline ‘life’.


I love seeing pretty pictures & escaping through the medium of visually pleasing images (Providing you’re following the right people) & IG is awash with this. It by far trumps all other social media platforms & I adore it, along with the friendly community vibe I’ve discovered over there. A word of wisdom though (as to avoid the thief of joy that is comparison) I tend to view most of what I encounter on Instagram (in fact all social media) through some seriously rose tinted glasses- gently reminding myself that despite the picture perfect lifestyles portrayed, this isn’t always the true reality of life, but a carefully selected glance.

Comfy shoes.

I’m like, t-o-t-a-l-l-y over uncomfy, sky scraper, ankle breaking, blister inducing shoes. Done. From a ‘ealth & safety point of view there is simply no freaking way I could keep up with my mini Huasin Bolt in them (he’s literally off like a whippet). I’ve lost count of how many pairs of shoes I own, it’s my weakness: a pair of alluring shoes you’ve owned for years will be your faithful friend, your trusty steed: they wont let you down, They can evoke those feelings of nostalgia from times gone by, making you feel young & glamorous, or just like you again. Well, this is what I tell kid myself to justify yet another pair for my collection.

Anyways, I digress. A comfy shoe when you’re tearing around the park/ town/ searching for a lost tot in sainsbos, is absolutely a must have to make your day that teeny bit easier to cope with (FYI. Comfy shoes? Can be super stylish too)


I know, I know, this is SO not glam & us parents harp on about it to anyone that’ll listen. But I reckon 90% of all my wobbles, anxieties & health issues are probably caused by lack of sleep & sleep deprivation. Those oh so precious zzz’s. I barely remember what sleep is anymore. When I’m having a particularly trying moment, negotiating my way through an argument with an emotionally unsatble three year old (usually over chocolate, or another new toy), when all I can hear is earth shattering incoherent wails, I just remind myself this episode won’t last, it’ll pass & soon (not soon enough in most cases), I’ll be able to have a few hours of undisturbed*, cherished sleep. *hahahahahahaha. Who am I kidding? Undisturbed? If it’s not the toddler waking me throughout the night with one complaint or another, it’s my conscience on overdrive, rousing me mid sleep. But still…. The sheer thought of sleep eases the exhaustion of the day.

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, things that get me through the day

Never taking myself too seriously…..always helps!

So there we have it, 5 random gems, which will see me through another exhausting day. What are your daily survival secrets?



  1. 17/06/2015 / 9:10 PM

    We have similar ‘get throughs’ bar the green tea part. I’ll settle for a diet coke. 😉 Beautiful photo of you below lady. Red lipstick suits you and hair looks ON POINT! xx

  2. 15/06/2015 / 2:20 PM

    Ohhh I can relate. Big time. Sleep is definitely in my top five, in fact I think it could be all of my top fives at the moment haha! I also need my iPhone (isn’t that sad though that we couldn’t live without that?!), my diary, coffee and maybe pretty outfits for my daughter – picking out her clothes can always make me smile like a cheshire cat! x

  3. 15/06/2015 / 10:56 AM

    You wouldn’t like to live up my neck of the woods…E is all I get on my phone. I don’t even know what G stands for yet. x

  4. 14/06/2015 / 9:03 PM

    Sleep is SO important to feeling OK in general – shame we only realise it when our sleep quality takes a real nose dive!

    I think we touched on this a little at Blogtacular, but I find more often than not Instagram has the opposite effect on me. Sometimes it gets me down and I have to take a break from it.

    My most recent thing that has made a big change to my general happiness is the little radio I bought for the kitchen. Such a small thing but it’s made such a difference. It’s nice having the background chatter when Sam is away, and it gives me far more opportunities to listen to music.

  5. 12/06/2015 / 8:25 PM

    Love this! I’ve been thinking the same lately, reflecting on what makes this better or God forbid worse… Sleep deprivation is the mother of all eff’s. And as much as I try to get to bed earlier some nights… Like you, my brain is buzzing. Either that or I’m waking up with one of my little three. The way I try to look at it is they’re not going to be small for long so to try and not think negatively of it. But…. Lack of sleep can totally determine how the day will go to some extent. Social media can help for me too in ways that I can feel uplifted by kind words, or just to flick through some fab Instagram feeds! I’ve found my new evening exercise ritual to help me de-stress too, even for a short while, I solely focus on just myself which is what we all need from time to time 🙂 lovely post xxx

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