A fresh Start // I’ve been away for a while now ……

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7 Months. That’s how long it’s been since I’ve graced these pages, waxing lyrical about life & everything in-between. In fairness, even before I dropped off the blogging radar, my attention to this space dwindled significantly towards the end of last year because as a family, we were gearing up towards our impending move to Australia, whilst also struggling privately with infertility; learning how to cope with the treatments that came with this (which was in fact a challenge we’d been dealing with for a good 2 years).

Enduring these events took precedence over much else, so I quietly & deliberately took a step back. Not just from the online world, but from heaps of things in real life too. It might sound a bit odd, I felt somewhat like a fraud, by not sharing these realities with you, because I pride myself on being very open & honest, but I’ve always despised over-sharing, especially whilst caught up in a tornado of emotions. I made the conscious decision relatively early on to write about our IVF & relocation journey in retrospect, instead deciding to concentrate my strength & focus on the task(s) in hand.

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So, here were are… 6 months into our adventures of life down under. Admitting, that I was naïvely optimistic about the process of settling in. I totally underestimated how much ‘life admin’ would be required, & I’m still trying to find my feet with it all. If you follow me on Instagram {if not, why not? 😉 } where I’ve been regularly updating our wanderings, you’ll likely know our other rather exciting news, that our 2nd round of IVF was successful, & we’re currently awaiting the arrival of baby Banana-West at the end of November (that won’t be its actual name, you understand!? ). We left London 6 weeks into pregnancy, it hasn’t been an easy ride, with terrible nausea & exhaustion plaguing each trimester (even at 34 weeks sickness still rears its ugly head) but the feelings of joy outweigh all of that. I’ll talk about our IVF/ infertility story in depth another time.

What better way to make my return, than with a fresh new look? I’ve revamped the blog, whatcha think? Go easy on me, I’m no tech whiz, so It may be a work in progress for a while. Having a bit of a rebrand/ revamp is something I’ve been flirting with for a long time: I feel like my focus & aesthetic has changed since I first started blogging, a rejuvenation is just what I needed to move forward with the next chapter. Initially, I hoped to have enough dough to get a pro on the job, alas, my current financial sitch is: broke. Every spare moment I could steal (few & far between) I’ve been tinkering. & TA DAH!

The concept of time is a funny thing, don’t you think? A couple of months can seem pretty insignificant, yet SO much can happen in that period- our little family is a perfect example of that. Around us, there’s been considerable change too… Let’s see, there was: Death to snapchat, with Instagram rolling out their ‘insta stories’ feature (such a shame as I was really getting into snapchat ^sad face^). A referendum occurred in the UK, oh that little thing now known as Brexit. A meager sporting event happened, the Rio Olympics (does anyone else find themselves mesmerized by the incredible talent at these games?!). Donald Trump is actually running for president, WTF? I’m still hoping this is just a tasteless joke. & Brangelina hit the headlines (anyone else not give a sh*t about this either?!). But what else has been going on since I’ve been away? Any juicy stories for me?

Lastly, I wanted to say Thank you so much for your support: for all the comments, likes & messages (on the blog & social media). I appreciate & read all of them. I really do hope you’ll enjoy following us as we continue with our fresh start.