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pacapod, pacapod changing bag, nappy bag, cool bananas, cool bananas blog, Bags & shoes, they’re my thing. My approach towards purchasing & owning them however, are pretty different: When it comes to footwear, in my humble shoe-lovin’ opinion, one can never own enough pairs (my vice is flats, specifically, trainers). They have an ability to transform any outfit, instantly. I wouldn’t say that I’m a shoe snob as such, but I do believe in quality, & try to buy them for longevity, besides everything else they have to be well made. Building up a shoe collection that even Jimmy would envy, doesn’t have to cost you a fortune either it’s pretty accessible.

When it comes to bags, I’m the polar opposite: I love a good leather bag, I view them as an investment piece. I rarely chop & change which one I’m using day to day- to be honest, this could be partly due to the fact that whenever I do fancy a change, I can guarantee I’ll forget a hugely important item in the transfer process (oh, hai keys/ glasses/ travel sized packet of tissues). This isn’t to say, that over the years I haven’t amassed a fairly decent handbag ensemble (buying quality lasts, you see). I’d prefer to have just one or two, top notch bags, which make me feel slightly more grown up.

& So, when I was pregnant my thoughts drifted to baby changing bags. I was shocked back then (in 2011) at the choice of trendy, chic nappy bags on the market (or more pressingly, the lack thereof). Sure, there were plenty of ‘baby bags’ out there, but to be blunt, the majority of which offended my eyes, making them bleed, with their OTT twee style, floral prints* , or out & out dowdy plain booooring styles. *I’m not talking awesome liberty style floras, that’d be a different story

Feeling desperate not to loose the plot my sense of style over my favorite kinda accessory, I contemplated whether it’d be at all practical to use a Longchamp Le Pliage large tote bag instead- the only reason I didn’t get this at the time, was because the more affordable nylon version only had hand straps & I figured this didn’t lend itself particularly well to pushchair attachment. I’m not saying purchasing a bag is the most important decision to make during pregnancy, or one which takes priority over other valuable items, but putting in some thought & effort at an early stage for an investment piece really does pay off, because, finding a bag that goes way beyond the ‘nappy days’, is an economic win.

Eventually, I settled on 2 bags (WHAT? I told you, bags & shores are my thing!) My most used of these, was the Pacapod Napier, a lightweight, funky patterned bag: Complete With the brand’s signature 3-in-1 organiser system (which all their bags have). The other, was a tan leather beaut, from Lin & Leo. Sadly, I found this one far too heavy for day to day use.

Fast forward 4 years: The amount of ‘stuff’ required to be lugged around on day to day basis with a 4 year old is significantly less than that with a newborn, granted. But, there is still a need for spare clothes, snacks aplenty, & random bits of crap. For days when I’m flying solo, I’m usually laden with my laptop & various other gadgets: I like to carry just the one bag, so it needs to be sizeable enough to contain everything.

Had I known back then about the luxe range of pacapod bags (why didn’t I?!), I’d have simply bought just one ‘baby bag’ . This one.

pacapod, pacapod changing bag, baby bag, baby change bag

The buttery soft Jasper, a luxury style.

pacapod, pacapod changing bag, nappy changing bag, baby bag, baby change bag, cool bananas, cool bananas blog

Like all pacpaod bags, it’s multifunctional & works from the nursery run/ office/ weekend to holidays, it looks grown up, & not in the least bit like a traditional humdrum nappy bag: but super duper stylish instead. It comes complete with gold coloured fixtures; two handles: one short, one long; a changing mat, plenty of space, internal pockets and the brand’s signature 3-in-1 organiser system (see the full spec, here).

pacapod, pacapod changing bag, nappy bag, baby change bag, cool bananas, cool bananas blog

pacapod, pacapod changing bag, nappy bag, nappy changing bag

popped, pacopod changing bag, nappy bag, nappy changing bag, cool banana, cool banana blog

So, how does it compare to the others I’ve had? Well, my number one apprehension was that being leather, it’d weigh a ton on it’s own, before it’s been stuffed like a Christmas turkey. I was pleasantly surprised, that it really wasn’t too heavy. It’s got a bit of weight to it, obviously, but it’s a lot lighter than my previous leather-changing bag. (If you’re a frequent traveller, or baby wearing, then I’d probably recommend the Oban )

It truly is a stunning bag in it’s own right: & the fact it’s such a multi-tasker, an ageless classic? Well, that really does make it worth every penny. I’ve always gnawed the ears off pregnant friends (or anyone who’ll listen, in fact) that a pacapod is the best baby change bag to own, & I can now add, it’s probably the best life’ bag I’ll ever own too. (Come & follow it’s journey as we venture through Singapre & Australia over on IG too 😉 )

Huge thanks to PacaPod for sending me the Jasper to review. As always, all views & opinions are my own – check out my Work With Me page for more info on how I work with brands, or drop me a line.



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  1. 04/04/2016 / 9:32 AM

    That is a lovely bag. I’m the same, can rarely be bothered with the faff of swapping bags so tend to just stick to one really good one. Currently looking for something to fit all the stuff for two older kids and a newborn, main priority is it needs Rucksack straps as I can’t hack a heavy bag over one shoulder.

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