A Little Life Update // Moving, & The Launch Of A New Blog…….

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, a little life updateWhy, hello there!

So, um, It’s the 9th of February, & it appears my last post on here was waaaaay back in December *hides head behind hands*. I guess it’s about time I dusted off the cobwebs & got stuck back in then! I think it’s safe to say I’ve passed the wave of ‘Merry Christmas’, ‘Happy New Year’ & ‘New years resolutions’ posts out there. PHEW. I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Of course, there’s nothing wrong in these (if that’s yer thang), but the sheer volume of them doing the rounds, does drive folk of a slight humbug-ness disposition (me) a little bonkers.

I’d guess most readers of this blog will know, we’ve been gearing up to our big move: London to Sydney. Not surprisingly then, most of my time since December has been spent liaising with our shipment company, booking initial accommodation & finding flights. Well, we’ve now moved out of our family home, the contents of which have been removed & sent off to meet us down under, we took a short hop across town & snuck into my ‘rents as their new tenants *enter apprehensive smiles all around* (*actually, so far, it’s gone lot smoother than I had anticipated). Our flights are booked, & we will wave Buhbye to Blighty on April 11th. EEEEEEEEK. It’s all starting to feel VERY real now.

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, moving, migrating, life lately

When your dining table set up looks lie this, either (1) you’ve taken ‘The art of tidying’ & the KonMari Method TOO FAR, or (2) you’re moving….

As is usual with ‘life’ stuff, it’s a bit like hanging around for a bus: You wait ages for one to arrive, & then two (or three!) appear at the same time. & This couldn’t be a better analogy for the events within Cool Bananas HQ lately. We’ve had a huge upheaval of the move to contend with (FYI: packing up your life is easy peasy. Said no one ever!), but there’s also been quite a lot occurring behind the scenes. Medical circumstances, involving pretty much daily monitoring/ appointments & a few minor procedures, have kept me away (both mentally & physical) from engaging my brain on here. Not wanting to sound cryptic, because, in the grand scheme of things, I’m ok, but I’ve made the conscious decision not to discuss this in public for now, as I find sharing such experiences a delicate balancing act (& frankly, over sharing makes me icky). I’m certain that those who find themselves in a similar medical predicament, will find comfort & support if I do confer, so once I’ve digested everything & had the chance to make sense of it all, I’m sure I will feel comfortable to deliberate further.

With the move & medical shiz, I mindfully pulled back from all blog interaction; even my beloved Instagram took a hit (I’m sorry IG. Will you forgive me? I promise to inundate you with pictures of pretty flowers & cups of tea soon!). I’ve needed to concentrate my energies where they’re really necessary. Which, as a modern day woman/ mama, I think is a problem we all have, isn’t it? Putting ourselves first, it feels wrong, or self indulgent somehow, a little bit dirty… doesn’t it? Having worked my ass off to build up this mini empire/ brand, the decision to step away from it was agonizing. Looking at the bigger picture though: putting a pause on everything, as scary as it was/is, has probably the best decision I’ve made. This little space isn’t going anywhere. I’m ‘Trusting the timings of my life’, & have become more accepting of limitations, & demands I place upon my ‘time’. Basically, admitting that I’m not super woman (say WHAT?!!) & simply cannot keep up with everything. All the time. I have faith that when the time is right, I’ll be back with a POW! WHOP! BOOM! (or something like). In the mean time, I’m just keeping my head up & dipping in & out, as/ when I can. Having said ALL that (did I dribble on a bit there!?) pleeeeeease don’t go forgetting me!

In some seriously exciting news……I’ve been working as part of a super fun team, on a new collaborative blog. Roost // We’re dedicated to stylish family living & everything interiors.

roost, roost blog, interiors, interiors blog, stylish family interiors, family interiors, cool bananas, cool bananas blogWe established there was a massive gap in the market for super stylish interiors & comfortable family living: something we believe goes hand in hand, yes, even once you’ve added kiddos to the mix.

The Roost editorial team members all have a very different take on interiors style, & all unique. With Roost, we hope to bring inspiration for all, no matter what your interiors taste may be. Our Editorial team is made up of, the founder & brains behind the business: Molly, you can also find Molly blogging at Mother’s always right (& with a blog name like that, you’re NEVER gonna mess with Moll’s, are ya?!). Craft & eco queen: Victoria (who blogs at The Owl & Accordion). Then, lil me. There are also our regular contributors (Alison, Alice, Charlotte, Lucy,  Pamela, Lindsey, with others swinging by now & then). We’ve got colour specialists, floral experts, plus, a one stop shop for all the items we feature on the blog. Like I said, seriously exciting, huh?! Do pop on over to check us out, we launched yesterday & have been overwhelmed by the response so far.

Find ROOST here, & over on IG / TWITTER/ PINTEREST

If you’ve made it down this far, I feel I should thank your eyes greatly, for not falling out! I guess that’s one of the problems when you’re absent for such a long time….too. much. to say.

Right, I’m duely informed (by my IG timeline nonetheless), that today is pancake day. So I’m going to skedaddle now, in an attempt to make my annual gluten free variety. See ya later, alligator*. (*virtual hi-five goes to the first person to comment below, ‘ In a while crocodile’).



  1. 14/03/2016 / 10:48 AM

    Great to have an update. Very exciting to hear that the flights are booked and everything!! Great news on the new blog – will check it out. All the best with your various medical appointments etc. Thinking of ya! xx

  2. 13/02/2016 / 9:14 PM

    Lovely to have an update from you Mrs! It all sounds so exciting in terms of the move, I can’t believe you have a date in the diary. And it sounds like life is busy in terms of all the other things too, I hope you are staying positive and happy.
    Roost is such a lovely site, well done to you and the team! I am loving the instagram feed. xx

  3. 10/02/2016 / 8:45 AM

    Get better soon! Miss your blogs so will be great to have you back! 🙂

  4. 09/02/2016 / 9:02 PM

    All sounds very exciting and can’t wait to check out the new blog. I have always enjoyed reading your blog, so I’m sure the new one will interest me just as much 🙂 good luck, I wish you ladies all the success. You have all inspired me to start blogging, thanks again G X

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