Why I’m asking you to vote for Cool Bananas: Amara interior awards 2015

IMG_0093Don’t panic! This isn’t an election campaign……but that is a super happy & excited face right there!

Ewwwww. I can’t help but feel somewhat narcissistic as I typed the title to this post. But please bear with me for a very short post, as I go all ‘X-factor’ on your ass & share a few thoughts with you quickly- figuring, much like removing a plaster: the faster you rip it off, the less painful the action? & Likewise, my theory with this post is: the more rapidly I create & publish it, the less egotistical I’ll feel!

Let me explain. This little space of mine on the internet, Cool Bananas, has been nominated for an award. Some of you wonderful lot took the time to put me forward for an Amara award (I’m honestly feeling so, so happy & humbled, thank you!) & now I’ve been entered into the voting stage. Only the top 5 most voted for bloggers in each category will make the shortlist, so the competition is tough to say the least.


With fashion constantly influencing interior trends and many top fashion houses releasing their own homeware collections, this category is for the sartorially savvy bloggers that effortlessly combine both worlds, from catwalks to cushions.

I could play it super cool, & be like (in a totes chillaxed voice, think surfer dude) ‘Yeah man, if I make it to the top 5 shortlisted in this category, then that would be awesome, but if I don’t? Eh, c’est la vie’. Quite frankly, there is a time & a place to play it cool. This isn’t one of them. I’m not gong to beat around the bush, it would simply mean the world to me, after all the blood, sweat & tears (there has been lots of angst & tears, I can assure you!), pouring my heart & soul into each & every post, & the countless hours of work: to be whittled down into the shortlist, I. would. be ecstatic. Like, seriously, I might just loose my shit & streak, or something CRAZY (I’m open to suggestions)

I know these kinda ‘voting’ competitions can appear like popularity contests, & I really shouldn’t be seeking validation about my blog, or it’s success from anywhere apart from within, but who am I kiddin? Being shortlisted for such a prestigious award, would seriously add some clout to said ‘validity’ & act as a reward for all my hard work. Who knows, it could even assist in elevating me/ the blog to a new level, opening up new possibilities & ventures- something I’ve been striving towards over the last few months.

But I am up against some huge players & wonderfully talented individuals in the blogging world (who have an online readership & presence I can only daydream about), so I really, really need your help. ALL THE HELP I can get.

I would LOVE you to simply click the link below & vote for me (I’m not sure how many times you can vote, perhaps daily?!) – Tell your friends, tell your work colleagues, tell your Aunt Sue (I’m sure my friend Alison once spoke about how everyone in voting competitions needs an aunt Sue.)

Please click on the image to vote for me 🙂

Ok, so you get the idea: I’d LOVE to be shortlisted: I need your HELP. I would be so flippin’ appreciative of each & every single one of you who votes. I’m pretty sure any type of bribery is frowned upon. BUT if I get shortlisted……who knows, perhaps I can run a competition for y’all to find my plus one to the swanky awards ceremony? (at the hip & happenin’ Ham Yard Hotel none the less!)

Voting is open until September 18th



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