An afternoon stroll…. Dulwich Park

After what feels like an entire season dedicated to rain, we were rewarded with relatively pleasant weather on Saturday..can i get a ‘hooray’?. All be it a lil‚Äô nippy, it was dry! & The glorious winter sun made the occasional appearance *round of applause please*

Donning our warmish attire, we all bundled into the car & headed out to make the most of the afternoon. We popped over to Dulwich park, where Bear thoroughly enjoyed running in & out of the shrubbery with Daddy not far behind…

Watch out Dulwich park...wild child on the prowl

Watch out Dulwich park…wild child on the prowl

Bear engaged in one of his favorite skyward-bound activities-plane spotting .…

"pooh, plane!!"

“oooh, plane!!”

The dulwich park wildlife...

The dulwich park wildlife…


After a burst of energetic enthusiasm, it was time to ward off a chill by seeking a warm drink & a nibble from the village shops.

taking in the views On the way to the village

taking in the views On the way to the village


We stumbled upon Gail’s artisan Bakery. It was bursting at the seam with villagers & that’s sure to be a good sign so we dived in.

Little village bakery...

Little village bakery…

They had a nice selection of drinks, pastry goodies & a couple of gluten free choices. We were Happy campers! I had a tasty Green Tea & gluten free coconut macaroon, Bear & Daddy shared a couple of cookies‚Ķ…Someone likes chocolate

'Chocolate chops!!!'

‘Chocolate chops!!!’

Walking back from the village we took a little detour through Dulwich picture gallery.

Dulwich picture gallery

Dulwich picture gallery

The architecture, style & design of this place are very pleasing on the eye. Investigating it further will have to wait for another time as a little someone had a chocolate-induced-sugar-rush on the horizon & frankly a gallery is no place for this melt down to take place!

Dulwich day out I do love visiting this village; it has such a friendly feel. You feel welcomed & as if you’re part of the community, not something that you’d usually expect in a ‘London’ suburb. & Is it just me, or do you find the sun always shines in Dulwich?

It’ll probably be another year now until we visit again; we really should visit more often. If any of you have a ‘secret gems’ hidden away in Dulwich Village be sure to share them with me & it’ll give me the oomph to get back there sooner to investigate……


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