A Little Life Update // Moving, & The Launch Of A New Blog…….

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, a little life updateWhy, hello there!

So, um, It’s the 9th of February, & it appears my last post on here was waaaaay back in December *hides head behind hands*. I guess it’s about time I dusted off the cobwebs & got stuck back in then! I think it’s safe to say I’ve passed the wave of ‘Merry Christmas’, ‘Happy New Year’ & ‘New years resolutions’ posts out there. PHEW. I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Of course, there’s nothing wrong in these (if that’s yer thang), but the sheer volume of them doing the rounds, does drive folk of a slight humbug-ness disposition (me) a little bonkers. View Post

Rules of the road, According to a 4* Year old // & The Cybex Pallas M-fix……

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*Actually, he’s 1,467 days old, to be exact. & I say that, because I’m not quite ready to call him a 4 year old, just yet.

Car journeys have (thankfully) always been enjoyed by Bear, so I thought I’d share with you a few stand out rules of the road**, according to little Mr bananas:

1) Learn to swerve abruptly: Slow maneuvers are b.o.r.i.n.g. Being thrashed around is much more fun.

2) FLOOR IT MUMMY! Like lightning McQueen, little lord bananas has a ‘need for speed’

3) HONK your horn uncontrollably: As soon as the lights change colour/ if you happen to really like the colour of another car/ If you see a tractor/ If you see a bus. HONK! HONK! HONK! View Post

Suffering a major case of ‘the brain farts’….


Aaaaaarrrrrrghhhhh. WHAT was I trying to remember?!!!!! C’mon brain, I know it’s in there *somewhere*…….

‘Brain Fart’- When you are attempting to remember something very obvious, something that you know you should know. This feeling often leads to head banging and hair pulling- Urban Dictionary.

Help! I’m being plagued by brain fog, recurrent mental block, clouding of the conciseness, loosing mental clarity, an inability to continue a train of thought. Name it what you will: Lately, I’ve found myself suffering an incredibly baaaad case of the brain farts.

I’m not talking about the brain farts we all know too well, & encounter on a daily basis, like; View Post

London Calling // Shoreditch Street Art……

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I’d say that on average, I visit London at least once a week. Usually, this is for something work or blog related: It’s a short 17 minute journey on the train into London Bridge (add another 6 minutes for central London, & Charring cross) & for the most part I manage to avoid the hoards of commuters during the morning rush hour period. I’d like to think I take full advantage of popping into town………..

But, if there is something I’m guilty of though, apart from wearing too much black & sporting a slightly glum look on my face, (both which are an obligatory part of living/ working/ commuting in London. FACT) it’s taking London for granted: Never making enough time to take in the sights, the atmosphere & grander of the capital, & fully appreciating what a bloody great place this is, I call home. View Post

A little note on our BIG move……..

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Me (on an ecstatic phone call to Mr. B) : ‘AHHHHH!! Ohhhhh maiiiii gawd. Did you see the email?’

Mr. B, cool as a cucumber responds, ‘ What email? What is it? Is everything ok?’

Me, ‘Everything is awesome!!’ (cue singing the Lego movie theme tune)…. ‘Our visas. They were granted over night! WE HAVE OUR VISAS!!’ –

At the risk of sounding oh so very cliché, that email, that phone call, they really were life changing. It’s the accumulation of around 6 years worth of daydreaming about a different way of life, & meticulously plotting our escape from the UK. It’s the reward for slogging away over the past 3 years, sifting through mountains of paperwork & subjecting the Mr. to assessment after assessment (to satisfy the Oz government & their criteria of his occupation). It’s been 1 year since we employed the services of a migration consultant, & 4 months from the moment we submitted our final application. Even after all of this, it’s only just the beginning. The start of a new adventure, & a brand new chapter for team Bananas. View Post