Dreams, Goals & Ambitions // Stand Up Paddle boarding…..

jersey, stand up paddle board, jersey beaches, cool bananas, cool bananas blogFor as long as I can remember, I’ve always been active & keen on sports: As a child, like the cliché little sister, this was whatever my older brother Boy* was into- I totally idolised him & his sporting prowess (he would ace any sport he’d turn to). The diversity of activities he was into would change almost as often as he changed his pants- I could hardly keep up with him! At one point it’d be basketball- complete in a psychedelic 90’s neon get up, & a pair of Jordan’s (or air max) to match, the next he was practicing his happy Gilmore golf swing. His choice saw no bounds, tennis was a regular feature too & snakboarding down the streets (anyone else remember the snakeboard?).

*We grew up in South East Asia, where the locals would simply refer to children by their gender- henceforth I’ve always referred to him as boy, & likewise him to me as ‘girl’, we do have legit name too, obvs. View Post

The space beneath the stairs // Interior Hack…..

cool bananas, cool bananas blog

The eternal mystery? Just HOW to optimise the space beneath the stairs….

Something that always makes me scratch my head in bewilderment, & poses a regular conundrum is the area beneath the stairs in houses. I’m sure there is a holy grail on how to utilise this space (like that wizard dude, Harry, he had it nailed with his entire room jammed in there)

It turns out, once you start exploring solutions, there are a gazillion amazing transformation ideas: A simple search on google (all hail lord google), will bring up some truly wacky & wonderful designs. There’s heaps of inspiration around. From the traditional & practical – downstairs toilet or compact office, to the dreamy a ‘nap’ area (YES PLEASE), or the outright opulent: a wine cellar. In short, the list of possibilities for revamping this otherwise cumbersome area is endless. & So too it seems, are the budgets for these designs. Ah, bit of a stumbling block that. MONEY. View Post

My T-Shirt Of The Moment // Hint, it’s another slogan number….

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, gray by southwood storesI’ve confessed my love for a good slogan t before– having a word, or a motto splashed across your chest (ooh er, that unintentionally sounded very raunchy. Sorry!) can feel empowering, remind us of how to behave, or can give us a little motivation. & That can never go out of fashion, can it?

Developing an unhealthy fondness of Instagram, has introduced me to brands I may have possibly have missed had I not connected on the social media platform with other bloggers, & mamas alike. It’s a place I really do escape to & find inspiration from. View Post

Why I’m asking you to vote for Cool Bananas: Amara interior awards 2015

IMG_0093Don’t panic! This isn’t an election campaign……but that is a super happy & excited face right there!

Ewwwww. I can’t help but feel somewhat narcissistic as I typed the title to this post. But please bear with me for a very short post, as I go all ‘X-factor’ on your ass & share a few thoughts with you quickly- figuring, much like removing a plaster: the faster you rip it off, the less painful the action? & Likewise, my theory with this post is: the more rapidly I create & publish it, the less egotistical I’ll feel!

Let me explain. This little space of mine on the internet, Cool Bananas, has been nominated for an award. Some of you wonderful lot took the time to put me forward for an Amara award (I’m honestly feeling so, so happy & humbled, thank you!) & now I’ve been entered into the voting stage. Only the top 5 most voted for bloggers in each category will make the shortlist, so the competition is tough to say the least. View Post

Headmasters Salon, Soho // & How To Maintain Your Hair….

headmasters salon sohoI don’t know about you, but I’ve always found a visit to the hairdressers slightly intimidating. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a pretty outspoken individual (GASP. Who? Meeeee?). I’m full of ideas, a creative soul & I’ve pretty strong visions of what I want (Armed with pinterest boards as my back up). So, why then, do I always find it nerve-wracking asking for a certain colour, cut or style & feel petrified of the end result? View Post