Brighton day out

Before my little Bear was born, my beloved hubby & ¬†I would make the trip down to Brighton every couple of months. We had our favourite little cafe (that has sadly now shut down) and quite often we would make the pilgrimage just for breakfast, a walk along the sea front and a meander through the Laines (The north Laines, always the north Laines!) to then return home. It’s been over 1 year now since we were there last, and we have only made our ‘Voyage’ once since Bear’s birth…so we were overdue a visit.

IMG_2242Cyberdog (the shop on the right) Sells some out-of-this-world crazy raving clothing, in the brightest neon colours…..not our scene, but worth a visit for fun!


We park at the top of the north Laines (in a relatively unknown parking area) and if you travel through Sydney street you’ll come across a splattering of walls covered in graffiti. Now, i’m gonna put my neck on the line here and say this is art….. well, it’s a good example of when graffiti becomes art in my humble opinion!

Besides…i always have time for a bit of ‘rev run’…





They make for funky backgrounds for some snaps..






We were heading to Bills¬†. I was so excited at the prospect of eating here! I’d read some good reviews and they cater for Gluten free which takes out the stress for me, and saves me flapping over a menu and asking the waiting staff a hundred ingredient related questions! But Alas….. My pet hate. We entered what appeared to be a buzzing restaurant and waited to be acknowledged by the staff, and waited, and waited. If staff can’t acknowledge you’re waiting and point blank ignore you when you’re trying to initiate eye contact/ conversation, i’m out! Added to that a little tot starting to get restless we retreated back onto north road. I would have loved to have gone next door into Farm¬†but there was no space (especially with a buggy). So we went into Giraffe. Not what i wanted whilst in boho Brighton…a chain. However, with Bear becoming increasingly grumpy we needed a quick fix. I was reasonably happy in here, there was a gluten free menu and i had a yummy healthy omelette.

After brunch we continued our stroll towards the beach front


IMG_2263Can you see that? A glimmer of Sun!!

IMG_2266Chasing the seagulls was very entertaining to someone…

Walking onto the pier, i feel as though I’ve stepped back into the 50’s era & i expect to see the ‘pink ladies’ and ‘T birds’ from Grease skipping along singing songs! Maybe because the weather was typically British and overcast, i couldn’t help but feel like the whole place needed a good spruce up…it looked very sorry for itself and just a bit drab.



Thought I’d put this next picture in as the clouds looked pretty impressive!



We had a surprise treat as we continued¬†along the lower promenade towards the marina.¬†There were tons of VW dormobile’s lined up! It was super busy and ridiculously hard to get many pictures but here were a few that we liked…

vw2collageThats right folks….it has a cute 3 wheeler on its trailer!!!

IVW1collageIMG_2271…Pimp ma ride….

IMG_2277‘Roo’ Beach…. we took this with a friend in mind… you know who you are roo roo!!

We only managed to get half way down the ‘exhibition’ of Vw’s before we had to make a retreat to our car. A certain little someone decided by this point it was all too much excitement for one day¬†and express this by screaming bloody murder……

But judging by this ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ picture, the fresh sea air worked it’s magic!




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  1. 23/10/2013 / 9:34 AM

    we should have come here for our shoot… will the weather pick up again? perhaps we could head into town? email me, i’ve been thinking about you. xx

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