Buh-Bye 2013…hello 2014!

WOW! It’s the middle of January already? When did that happen? 2013 has been & gone and 2014¬†is marching on ahead & I feel like I’m being left behind… ¬†I have soooo much catching up to do & I don’t know where to begin. I like to think I tackle life & work head on, at this time of year though with so much mounting up (the dreaded tax return to name but one obstacle!) I think I stumble slightly. Instead of my usual hey-gusto attitude, I want to lock myself in a cupboard and I have a daydreaming thought maybe, just maybe, if I ignore my ever growing to-do-list, it might by some miracle just get done in an instant? I’m pretty sure I won’t be alone in this thinking, especially in January!

The Long Road Ahead... 'The Journey is The Destination'! Lets go 2014....

The Long Road Ahead… ‘The Journey is The Destination’! Lets go 2014….


I need to get the wheels in motion & maximise the potential of my blog. One sentence. That made it sound easy peasy! When? I’m struggling to find time… My little bear, is now a fully fledged toddellee waddeleee! To whom i find myself acting as an interpreter on a regular basis: translating his ramblings to others, that for some reason only a mother can understand clearly?! I can’t keep up with him, he is a Duracell bunny with no ‘off’ switch. I’d love to say that once the evening arrives I crack on with my blog/ work tasks, but I’m exhausted! Secondly, How? I haven’t got the technological savvy, know how or time to set up everything… I need twitter & instagram (to name a few) and link them back here. I need to sort out my blog SEO (that’s Search Engine Optimisation to you & me). I just about understand the concept of these, but it’s kind of a false economy to think it’s best for Me¬†to configure all of this. By the time I work it out and get around to doing it, I’m far better off hiring a professional ‘tech wizard’ to take care of it within a couple of hours. Again How? It would cost money, how much? I’m a full time mummy who is rubbing her pennies together… I feel an Ebay surge a-coming! And Where?¬†Does anybody out there know where I can find one of these modern day wizards? (I’m stuck by how similar the search for a reputable, trustworthy & good Tech wizard is to that of finding a Builder/ Plumber/ Electrician can be!) Suggestions on a post card to me, please!

Help! I'm lost in cyber space!

Help! I’m lost in cyber space! Technology overload!!


Going forward, Posts that I intend to get up on here over the next month include: My Gluten Free Christmas Dinner, More gluten free eating, Traveling with a toddler-our favourite picks, My top rated baby & toddler equipment-for the first 2 years. If you have any requests then please get in touch & I’ll have a look into them (either comment on this article or via the mememe contact section).

…..i bid you a fond farewell 2013, and brace myself for the journey ahead through 2014. & I look forward to world blog domination (after all, what is January without some wishful thinking?).


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  1. 27/01/2014 / 12:01 PM

    You’ve exhausted me just reading your post. But I too am feeling an inordinate amount of pressure PLUS I have their homework to manage…let me know if you find an easy way to sort the to-do list. x

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