Capturing memories with a scent…

Capturing memories with a scent.

It‚Äôs magical isn‚Äôt it, how a scent can conjure up those wonderful feelings of nostalgia? I‚Äôm sure everyone has a favourite & one whiff of this will transport you back to a special time in your past, or an enchanting place in the world. What scent is it that’s distinctive & personal to you?

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Capturing that one moment in time with a scent

I stumbled across a question the other day, set to get you nose a-sniffing: ‘What should the signature scent for the Maldives be?’ I haven’t visited the tranquility of these mystical & breathtakingly beautiful shores, it’s up there on the ‘bucket list’. However, I am able to draw upon my experience from our wedding ceremony, which took place in similar tropical paradise in a far-flung corner of the Indian Ocean.

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The instant that you step off the aircraft you get that blast of sea air with the touch of kerosene! Mixed into the breeze is just the right amount of warmth & humidity like rich amber. The feelings that are evoked when you explore & discover these luxurious white-sanded lands are all captured: even though these may not be a smell themselves. The swaying coconut palms: the sound of the waves gently lapping at the waters edge. This is the true epitome of relaxation. You can’t capture that as a smell & place it into a decanter-yet it most certainly exists.

The crisp air, with a slight stickiness of salt & humidity combined. The fresh flora & fauna: so unique to this part of the world, which is a party for you senses: like fresh bergamot & exotic vanilla. The sweet tasting, fresh bananas & papaya. The spirit & beauty of the underwater havens, the tranquility of the crystal clear waters.

The scent that captures the spirit of the Maldives is like a soothing warm island breeze that tenderly caresses all the quintessential luxury, present in abundance.
We booked our Wedding & Indian Ocean adventure through Kuoni- the luxury travel experts.  Although an experience like this will set you back a pretty penny or two, what price can you put on an out of this world experience?



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  1. 13/04/2015 / 9:21 PM

    Our honeymoon was in the Maldives 🙂 my bucket list is pretty much an entire list of places to visit in the world – I’ve just been helping my 5 year old do his homework – we looked at Peru for it and I’m reminded of my desire to do the trail of the incas! Anyway back to the Maldives – I’d go again and I think you should too! Global warming means some of the islands are disappearing so I think you should bump it to the top of your list! And it smells like herbal tea, ice cream and sun lotion! 🙂

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