Predatory thinking: Dave Trott

Bookworm alert: Predatory Thinking: A masterclass in out-thinking the competition: Dave Trott.

What do you see, a hare or a fox?

What do you see, a hare or a fox?

Don’t judge a book by its cover as they say. Or more appropriately in this case: by it’s title. If you did, you might question weather this book is a Bear Grills survival guide, a self-help book, or moral-boosting coaching advice for the elite athlete? Alas you would be mistaken. For this book is a must read for anyone who possesses a ‘creative mind’ (or at least thinks they do). The book sells itself as a ‘masterclass in how to think creatively and outwit the competition-in ordinary life as well as in business’. I found it fascinating and incredibly inspiring. Don’t be intimidated because it’s written by a dude in advertising, it’s an all round engaging read.

Now, I don‚Äôt get to read books very often since having a bambino, as that would require ‚Äòspare‚Äô time. This is something of a novelty to me (& most parents out there). Last month however, I found I had an entire afternoon with just my own company. Travelling across London on the train & a very lengthily hospital appointment wait (horrible places-hospital waiting rooms). So what better opportunity would I have had to occupy my mind & get stuck in with this book? I flew through it at the speed of light. Ok, maybe not that fast. I am a mere mortal after all. I found myself having a little giggle here & there. I had far too many ‘light bulb’ moments that I couldn‚Äôt count them all. I‚Äôve made so many marks & highlighted oodles that I may as well have just fill in the entire book! I was kinda in awe by what I was reading & I finished it the same day! In all fairness, it is written in an almost bullet point style which helps speeds things along.

I don’t want to come over all-emotional on you, but after reading this I felt a certain sense of enlightenment, refreshed and raring to go against the world. Nothing will get in my way! Seize the day! Until, in walks my little bear needing his bottom changed-back to reality. On a serious note, this book is brilliant. It gets you to view the world from a different angle & question everything. The author uses some fantastic examples, and amazing quotes. & There is definitely an aspect of moral boost to it. I’ve always thought I had a ‘creative’ mind, & this book confirmed it. Now I just need to find a way to put it to good use………..

With my enquiring mind, I have a question for the author Dave Trot. Were you testing the readers of you book to see if we were truly paying attention? I quote part 3:¬†‘90% of advertising doesn‚Äôt work‚Äô. Yet moving to page 48 where you talk more in detail about this: ‚Äòthe worrying number is the 89%‚Äô & ‚ÄòThe question is, will anyone even notice it?‚Äô. Hmmm? Well I was paying attention in class!

Great book Mr. Trott!