The Ordinary Moments {14 #2}

{The ordinary moments 14 #2} The inappropriate things my toddler Says:

The ordinary moments

The things my toddler says (no, make that Shouts!) that are totally inappropriate: When taken out of context that is, if you happen to be a passer by & not his full time interpreter (me). For toddler speech as we are all aware is perfectly clear & makes complete sense to them & to us (the parent/ carer/ FT interpreter), but in reality is a muddle of different sounds & words, constituting to an entire foreign language for others.

For example, whilst zipping up & down the food isle of a supermarket & passing the cereal section filled to the hilt with all those sugary naughty’s, in his loudest (yet cutest) husky voice my little ball of energy suddenly shouts “NUTS!! DADDYEES NUTS!!” If I don’t respond within a split second of these words parting from his lips, & incase I need reminding “Mummyeee? DADDYEES NUTS’! I would like to clear this up fellow shoppers, my son is not referring to a part of my beloved husbands anatomy, no, no-no. He is most obviously pointing out to me that: ‘Mummy, we have just passed the Honey & nut cornflakes, & Daddy likes to consume these for breakfast’. I’m perfectly aware of all the bemused looks I receive when he proclaims this in his special way, though I get far too much of a giggle from it to correct him or offer an explanation to anyone.

cool bananas, supermarket, the ordinary moments, cornflakes

Shouting those inner most thoughts!!

& The other example, may sound like the start of a bad ‘toilet humour’ joke. Alas, this is not the case. My little bear is fond of Winnie the Pooh. “Fantastic” I thought! “I loved Winnie the Pooh when I was younger” & looked forward to watching & reading the works of A.A Milne together. Oh Boy!! Little did I realise bear would march around shouting “POO!! Mummyeee, POO”. Whenever he was thinking of the yellow fluffy pooh bear. This was made worse (much worse) recently: when daddy & bear were out, they came across a Gigantic Winnie the Pooh teddy bear, of the plush & stuffed variety:

winnie the pooh, winnie, pooh, pooh bear,  A A milne

Gigantic Winnie the Pooh!

Our ‘bear’ apparently picked Winnie up & refused to put him down. Daddy being a big softy treated little dude to this new stuffed creature.  So now I have to content with the random ‘out loud’ thoughts from said child of not just “POO. Mummyee POO” Noooo, But “BIG POO! Mummyeee, BIG POO”. Hahahaha. Just watch those poor buggers around us fleeing for cover in the worry that a little toddler has just created a ‘big poo’ in the literal sense!!



Capturing memories with a scent…

Capturing memories with a scent.

It‚Äôs magical isn‚Äôt it, how a scent can conjure up those wonderful feelings of nostalgia? I‚Äôm sure everyone has a favourite & one whiff of this will transport you back to a special time in your past, or an enchanting place in the world. What scent is it that’s distinctive & personal to you?

beach, wedding, scent, kuoni, travel, maldives

Capturing that one moment in time with a scent

I stumbled across a question the other day, set to get you nose a-sniffing: ‘What should the signature scent for the Maldives be?’ I haven’t visited the tranquility of these mystical & breathtakingly beautiful shores, it’s up there on the ‘bucket list’. However, I am able to draw upon my experience from our wedding ceremony, which took place in similar tropical paradise in a far-flung corner of the Indian Ocean.

maldives, wedding, indian ocean, kuoni, beach, travel

The instant that you step off the aircraft you get that blast of sea air with the touch of kerosene! Mixed into the breeze is just the right amount of warmth & humidity like rich amber. The feelings that are evoked when you explore & discover these luxurious white-sanded lands are all captured: even though these may not be a smell themselves. The swaying coconut palms: the sound of the waves gently lapping at the waters edge. This is the true epitome of relaxation. You can’t capture that as a smell & place it into a decanter-yet it most certainly exists.

The crisp air, with a slight stickiness of salt & humidity combined. The fresh flora & fauna: so unique to this part of the world, which is a party for you senses: like fresh bergamot & exotic vanilla. The sweet tasting, fresh bananas & papaya. The spirit & beauty of the underwater havens, the tranquility of the crystal clear waters.

The scent that captures the spirit of the Maldives is like a soothing warm island breeze that tenderly caresses all the quintessential luxury, present in abundance.
We booked our Wedding & Indian Ocean adventure through Kuoni- the luxury travel experts.  Although an experience like this will set you back a pretty penny or two, what price can you put on an out of this world experience?


Love the little things #2

Love the little things Week #13 over with Morgana, week #2 at Cool Bananas HQ


Hey, Hey! It’s Friday y’all, can I get a ‘whoop, whoop’? This week has been a mixed bag: the 3 of us are still fighting a viral infection, which has lingered for weeks now. Come awwn! Hop along & Shoo…. Be Gone dreaded germs! Aside the grotty nasties, I’ve been a busy bunny (d’you like that? I managed to get a reference to Easter in there-I’m on a roll!).

Back in October my Dear friend H got engaged to G in a rather extravagant & opulent way- lets just say a plane, a helicopter, Monaco & a hillside were all involved (I said opulent, right?). Shortly upon her return she asked me to be her bridesmaid (this is how she asked me & 2 more of her girlies) I could have burst with excitement!!

Bridesmaid, wedding, dress,

& this is how she asked Me!

So keeping this in mind, this week I’ve:

  • Watched:


If, like me when you hear ‚Äòbridesmaid‚Äô you think of the film ‚Äòbridesmaids‚Äô & wonder, ‚Äòwhich character am i?‚Äô I‚Äôm ‘Annie’ Kirsten Wig: long time, childhood best friend of H. Slightly financially poor (being a mama doesn‚Äôt pay that well!) & slightly daft as a doorknob. Believe it or not H had never watched the film, so I sent her away, popcorn in arms, for her viewing pleasure‚Ķshe informed me that I also have the traits of ‘Megan’¬†Melissa McCartney ‚Ķ in that ‚ÄòYou say really funny things sometimes!‚Äô. Um, a compliment I think?! I couldn‚Äôt write this without a mention for ‘Rita’-the foul-mouthed cousin‚Ķ Mummy‚Äôs united?! We can all relate to her now & then!!

  • Read

Blogs, blogs & more blogs! I keep meaning to treat myself to Red & Harpers Bazar Magazines; I need a glossy pick me up. Oh & these turned up on my doormat this morning:

ASOS, Baukjen, fashion, clothes

As if I needed anymore encouragement for a ‘spring’ shopping spree, even if it is just a virtual one. Until the day arrives when the shops start accepting my monopoly money, I fear my Pinterest board will get a good spankin’!

  • Heard

It’s been around for a while, but I just adore Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynee: Rather be.

I discovered this laydee the other day: Maya Wolff & I her new single, not quite sure on it yet, although it is growing on me. It’s more of an ‘Ibiza’ hit I think. What do you reckon?

  • Made

Now, have you been paying attention? Do you think I’ve mentioned bridesmaid enough yet? Ahh heck, here it is again! So H is getting married & as we know the obligatory Hen party must be organised. I can’t make the ‘main event’ so I’ve been arranging a more intimate hen day (a classy ‘ladies’ day), which I refer to as ‘March Madness’, as it’s taking place tomorrow, in March-funnily enough! I won’t give anymore away as I’ve got a whole post planned on it. I’m pretty arty & creative so decided to try some slightly different hen party accessories. I purchased a printable file on Esty for these ‘pin up’ inspired lanyards & then the other accessories & made them into these:

Hen, hen party, hen party accessories, lanyard, vintage, pin up

Alternative to Hen party badges..more elegant i think?

I used stickers & made our own personalized Chocolate bars for the favor bags.

hen, hen party, personalised, vintage, pin up, lanyards, chocolate

Personalised ‘hen party’ chocolate bars

I didn’t ‘technically’ make these- Prinster did, but I did get them made.

prankster, cardboard cut out head, hen, hen party, mask, face mask

Cardboard head cut outs. Thats H!

  • Wore

Well darn you weather! Just as I thought the winter coat & boots could be carefully returned to the wardrobe & stored for a few months, you’re icy cold self reared its ugly chilly head. I am most unimpressed! So, back on the winter boots went.

weather, boots, winter boots, cool bananas

Winter boots, hello again!

& In the coming weeks, I’m going to start a ‘work out’ series, including ‘gym style’ so you can expect some more of this:

gym, gym bunny, workout, clothes, workout clothes, sports, sports clothes, new balance, nike

Rockin’ the gym workout look. I hope! I lurve my newish ‘ new balance ‘ trainers.

I’ve decided to make more of an effort to document bears fashion, because even if I do say so myself ‘baby got style’! However, he’s decided to act camera shy ‘no cheese mummy. No cheese’: that’s ‘cheese’ of the cheesy grin variety. Instead I’ve been snapping away at his outfits sans le model!

baby, bright, clothes, baby got style, toddler, toddler clothes, gap, H&M,

Baby brights…Sans le Model..

I’ve such a busy weekend to look forward to & I’m really excited! It’ll be the first day in a long time I’ll be without bear but doing something fun rather than attending appointments. I’m also thrilled to be catching up with our friends (who we visited out in Cayman) on Sunday as they’re here visiting London (I honestly feel like a child at Christmas!). How’s your week been & what’s on the agenda for you over the weekend?






The Clocks are changing! Don’t PANIC!

The Clocks are changing! Don’t PANIC!!! Gro-anywhere blind to the rescue!

Tick tock

The clocks are changing! The clocks are Changing! Don‚Äôt panic!’ Does this conversation occur in your toddler or child filled household around this time of year? I‚Äôm pretty sure it‚Äôs on the tip of the tongue for many of us, as looking ahead to this weekend it’s time for those clocks to ‘spring forward’ & ‘British summer time’ to begin!

In our pre ‘bear’ days, I would look forward to this time of year: the longer lighter evenings were welcomed with the appealing option of an after dinner stroll. It signified the ‘start’ of summer, wet warmer weather & clouds Sunshine! (ever the optimist I am you see!). Following the arrival of our bambino my attitude to BST / GMT  changed somewhat. From the very beginning, bear has never been a great sleeper: for there is just too much occurring in the world that he doesn’t want to miss a beat! However, with the lighter evenings (& mornings) increasing, his ability to sleep diminished further. I combed the internet extensively, visited forums & asked around for a solution: but we already had a ‘black out’ blind & hubby dearest didn’t want to be drilling any more holes into the newly decorated walls. Surely there had to be an alternative? One helpful suggestion put towards me was: use baking foil. Yes folks, you saw that correctly-no typo there. BAKING FOIL. Apparently if you dampen it slightly it sticks to the window pane & I’ve been told works very well at repelling heat in the sun (makes sense really). But I didn’t fancy doing this daily & it’d look pretty unsightly. I’m a fan of the Gro-company: their sleep bags are all bear has ever known at bedtime & we have the obligatory Gro-egg thermometers scattered around the house, so when I discovered they made a ‘ Portable black out blind’ I was a happy camper!

Gro-anywhere blind in bag

It’s completely & utterly Fandabbydozy! It works so well. Honestly, don’t waste any time looking for an alternative, we haven’t looked back since buying ours. It’s so easy to use, has suction cups & simply sticks directly onto the window.

Gro-anywhere blind suction cup

It‚Äôs got these adjustable straps where you can ‚Äòscrunch‚Äô it up & make it a perfect fit for different sized windows. When we‚Äôre at home, I leave it up all the time as it helps the ‘little lord’ sleep well for his daytime naps.

I’ve taken photos with my iPhone & camera, to try & accurately portray the darkness:

iPhone pics: with geo blind & roller blind both. Taken @ 8am. L-R, with flash, without flash & with the door shut

iPhone pics: with go blind & roller blind both drawn.  Taken @ 8am. L-R, with flash, without flash & with the door shut

With camera, flash & no flash. Gro blind & roller blind both up

With camera, flash / no flash./ no flash. Gro blind & roller blind both being used

iPhone pictures: with flash-without flash, & repeated

iPhone pictures: with flash-without flash,. Gro blind half down, & without the geo blind, just the roller blind (N/F)

You get the idea…. It makes the room really dark!

With Camera: flash, no flash & repeated

With Camera: flash/no flash & repeated

With Camera: Roller blind alone

With Camera: Roller blind alone, no flash

Our Gro-anywhere blind¬†has ventured around the world with us: it‚Äôs incredibly versatile, lightweight & easy to pack. & I’ve also found it works well at keeping the room cool in the summer & keeping the sun’s heat out.¬†Easily the best ¬£25 we have spent on gaining some extra Zzzzz!

Lets not dwell on the term ‘british summer time’ , I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt Gods of UK weather: which is VERY difficult after you so cruelly teased us the other week with a taste of the sun, only to then replace it with this icy cold breeze & soggy drizzle. If though, you would like to find out more behind the ‘terminology’ & have a fun family day out in doing so: head on over to Greenwich park & visit the Royal Observatory.  It’s well worth the experience. I discovered from my trip there, that an area near where we live in Petts wood is actually named after “William Willett who was once a resident in the locality, known as somewhat of a tireless campaigner & promoter of ‘British summer time’.

What are you tips & hints for a smooth bedtime routine during the season transitions? I’d love to hear all about them….Knowledge is power, as the saying goes!

Family Fever

Eskimo Kisses: The Ordinary Moments 14: #1

The Ordinary moments

261/365 in which grumpy gives eskimo kisses

Eskimo kisses.  Ahh, the modern kiss that’s based loosely on the traditional Inuit greeting. Kisses from your little one in which ever form, are magical, don’t you think? Our bear adores his dummy (dumdum as its referred to in our gaff) & more often than not, he likes to transfer his affectionate kiss with this blasted bit of kit stuck like glue in his mouth (can you tell I’m not particularly keen on the dummy?!). We call these ‘dumdum’ kisses. There are the occasional moments however, when we are blessed by a momentary break: this permanent suction feature is removed & an ever so tender kiss gets planted sweetly upon us. But for those occasions when you’re not fancying a mouthful of slobber, or a plastic nudge the Eskimo kiss comes up trumps! In fact, I just simple love an Eskimo kiss from bear. They’re fun, they’re cute; they’re soft & delicate. Often, we’ll have a family Eskimo kiss: where we’ll all rub noses together in unison. That’d be kinda difficult to achieve if you were all lip smacking at the same time, no? Not to mention a little inappropriate in some circumstances possibly?

As an adult, I have fond memories from my childhood sharing Eskimo kisses with my dad. & When I exchange these Eskimo kissy woos with bear, the pure joy is clear to see on his adorable face- I hope in the years to come he recalls these as dearly as I do. Such an ordinary moment to some: but completely priceless to me.

Just look at that face! So cheeky.

Just look at that face! So cheeky.

mmmwah! Kiss kiss

mmmwah! Kiss kiss