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Great Oaks from Little Acorns Grow’ According to some, this philosophical phrase originates from a 14th century English proverb (Although, there isn’t really any concrete evidence to prove this). There are plenty of alternate ways of wording this, including ‘Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow’ which made an appearance in A.B Johnson’s The Philosophical Emperor a Political Experiment, in 1841.

Regular readers & especially my Instagram followers will know, I love inspirational quotes. I’m especially sentimental about words of wisdom that have been taught to me as I’ve grown up, & passed on from people I profoundly respect. This one in particular my Dad introduced me to (& it pains me to say this, but he’s nearly ALWAYS right. What can I say? He knows his shit!)

What does it mean? A plethora of connotations really:

The principle that great things come from small beginnings. When a child is born it is like a tiny acorn, & just like the acorn children are full of potential to grow big, strong & unique in every way.

As a symbol, the acorn is iconic in nature & according to some, wearing an acorn will increase your fertility and strength. View Post

This week I’m Loving…….

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Last week, I wrote my first ‘instalment of appreciation‘. I shared with you something perhaps very ordinary & mundane, which made me smile. So please, why don’t you join me for a cuppa Rosie Lee: as I express my gratitude for what’s got me grinning over the last week……….

I’m a fully paid up member of the ‘Shoe hoarders anonymous’ club, & there is ALAWYS space for a new pair of kicks, & this week it’s all about the J’s:

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This Week I’m Lovin’………..

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I can’t quite get my head around the fact we’ve just entered November. What? November?! & With it comes the scary/happy/sad & emotional reality, that Bear turns 3 this month. 3 For crying out loud, when did that happen? HOW did that happen?

Life just feels like it’s whizzing by at the speed of light. I find myself trying to appreciate & absorb every little detail possible, not wanting to miss a beat, but inevitably that isn’t always the case. This year, not unlike others that have preceded us, has been action packed, filled with laughter & love, sadness & emotions.

I’m a classic ‘over thinker’; I procrastinate far too much, especially when it comes to putting pen to paper (or more appropriately on here, fingers to keyboard). In part, because I always want to be very thorough & I’m a self confessed perfectionist: but also, I have so many thoughts & dreams floating around in my head, that I struggle to pin down just one.

Far from being a trait I dislike, in fact, I believe it has many benefits. But the main hindrance as I see it, is the amount of time this behaviour consumes, I often find a single idea takes double the anticipated time to complete (I’m a text book Pisces!)

Our recent escape to Miami allowed me some time to rebalance & I’ve decided to take advice from the legend that is Walt. Walt Disney. More specifically from Frozen, & just ‘Let It Go’. When I envisioned Cool Bananas, I wanted to capture snippets of things within the daily grind that made me smile, little nuggets that make me happy. As a family we constantly strive to create fantastic memories that we’ll cherish, & of course little Bear & Mr Bananas are my ultimate ‘happiness creators’. But I’ve decided to share more of ‘me’ on these pages. Nothing particularly intellectual, less writing from time to time, just a little bit of, well, what ever takes my fancy & makes me smile. Because life can get too serious & bog you down sometimes: it’s good to ‘Let it go’ & just celebrate the simple things.

Without further a do: This week I’m Loving……….

My Dungarees, I’m all over ma overalls!

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En vogue, in Brogues……….

Ah, the humble Brogue: A word derived from the Gaelic bróg (Irish), bròg (Scottish) “shoe”, is a style of low-heeled shoe or boot traditionally characterised by multiple-piece, sturdy leather uppers with decorative perforations (Why, thanks, wiki)

Just the other week, I shared with you my fashion dilemma for a pending wedding ceremony. Feeling a certain pressure to conform to the traditional ‘wedding guest uniform’ of obligatory high heels, I raised the question: Could I wear flat shoes to a wedding? & My conclusion: without a shadow of a doubt, YES!

Since the wedding took place in a barn out in the countryside, flats were a no-brainer. & Lets not forget their dancability ‘til the stroke of midnight’ comfort factor!

I decided upon a slightly androgynous look, & the leather detail on these Clarks Cut-out Brogues caught my eye. I’m not really one to follow ‘trends’ instead I select items for their longevity & ‘style’ potential.

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& Here is how I styled them on the day….. View Post

The Fashion Dilemma: An Autumnal Wedding…..

The thought of attending any kind of formal event & the dilemma of what to wear is one that we all contend with frequently. A wedding, or being privy to a VIP black tie bash: These are occasions where upon the invite, those dreaded words appear….. ‘Formal dress only’

I guess my main issue with any type of ‘formal’ event, is the need to, well, conform (I know, I’m such a rebel). Granted, I despise being told what to do, or given guidelines to follow- pertaining to my theory ‘Don’t think outside of the box, think like there is no box’.

Truthfully, It’s just that I believe we’re all so truly unique & have our own sense of style, that why should this be repressed, just so that we can all fit in with the ‘majority’ at an event? Does it make for a prettier picture if we are all dressed in matchy-matchy floaty dresses, high heeled court shoes, or identical ‘moss bross’ suits? (Let’s not forget the fella’s here) Surely, individuals should be celebrated- those who take risks, dare to stand out, or simply stick to their own fashion rules? For me, that makes the picture. View Post