Life lately…..

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, blogger, blogger lifeOh, Hai there! Erm, so I’ve been a little massively MIA from my blog, completely unintentionally. I haven’t produced anything like as much content as I’d hoped to recently, due to the interference of what can be best described as ‘life admin’. View Post

5 things that get me through the day // MODERN MOTHERHOOD……

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, things that get me through the day

This little thing we call ‘life’, it can be a challenge at the best of times, right? So having a child, or in my case a Threenager, to content with daily can be arduous & exhausting, yet incredibly fulfilling all in one breath. I’m in the constant tight grip of soul-destroying guilt: Am I doing my best? Enough? Could I be a better parent? Do I spend enough quality time with him? At any given point I could be at opposite ends of the emotional spectrum: from incoherent babbling, to hysterical laugher, or on a baaaaad day non-stop tears streaming down my face. It’s a roller-coaster ride baby.

In a world full of ‘crazy’ (thanks for that line there Phil), it’s become essential for my sanity to seek out a few wee things, that allow a moment of escapism, a pause to remind me of normality. Something for an oomph, just to get me through the day. View Post

Life Lately……..


cool bananas, cool bananas blog, happy banana, sad banana Zoiks, how on earth is it May already?! Although with the abysmal weather, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was still winter (I’m ready to crack the shorts out- Sunshine, take note). On a more sober note, how on earth have I neglected my poor wee blog so? It’s probably quite noticeable* that I’ve been rather hush-hush recently (erm, actually the entire year). View Post

Mothers Meeting at Zizzi……

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A few weeks ago, I was invited out for lunch to meet some wonderful ladies & sample the new Bambini menu at Zizzi. I know what you’re thinking, gluten free & Italian food are probably arch-enemies? (What, with all that pasta & pizza) In fact, I’ve got to say my experience over the last 10 years with this infuriating dietary requirement, has proven otherwise: often, it’s these gluten-lovin’ restaurants who understand coeliac disease the best & provide the most choice of ‘free from’ options. Zizzi did not disappoint. I opted for a gluten free pizza on this occasion & it was delicious. The Bambini menu went down a treat with all the other sprogletts: & I can’t wait to get the whole Banana gang back there for a spot of lunch. The Bambini Menu offers lots of choice & is reasonably priced at £6.75.

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, zizzi, italian food, gluten free

I ventured into London minis my mini-me (he was at nursery) feeling a mixture of excitement & nerves: I can’t be the only one, who after spending every waking hour with my child for the last few years, when re-entering the world solo, feels slightly lost, As though I am without my comfort blanket? View Post

Our Midlands Road trip: The Pet Show

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Last week you may recall I mentioned our forthcoming road trip & planned adventures to visit The Pet show? Like any master plan with a child *toddler* involved, it went swimmingly! (yeah right!!) How does that saying go? ‘Never work with Children or animals’ Yup, I can confirm whoever coined this phrase knew what they were talkin’ about.

In my head, the plan seemed fool (toddler) proof:

  • A 2 & half hour drive to the venue: Bear would fall asleep for most of it: he had half a blinking hour
  • On arrival Bear would be all refreshed, calm & in a good mood: happy to cooperate with Mummy & Daddy’s requests: He was over tired, over energized & wasn’t paying a blind bit of attention to either of us
  • The animals would intrigue him, chill him out & entertain him. We’d enjoy some much-needed family bonding time: Mr Banana-pants was chasing him around like a wild beast, & the animals (for the most part) were ignored by Bear-unless you count a helium dinosaur balloon an animal?

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