The Pet Show 2014: We’re going, are you?

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With the weekend fast approaching, I’m sure like me, y’all probably search high & low: on the internet, social networks & ear-bash anyone who will listen friends to find new & exciting activities, that’ll entertain the whole family? Discovering something that is well suited to a ‘babe in arms’ all the way up to ‘Great Granny’ is by far, no mean feat.

Then of course, add into the mix our British summer: which at the best of times can be accurately described as unpredictable. Once decided upon your plans, doubt quickly then enters your mind ‘Will it be too hot/ cold/ wet: to be in the great outdoors?’

Well, that’s where The Pet Show swoops in & ticks all the boxes. View Post

Exhaustion, Reflection & Strength….

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Please forgive my absence from all things Banana-rama-blog related over the last week or so. I’ve hit a brick wall, metaphorically speaking that is (phew, the family car is unscathed!). I’ve been exhausted, unable to do much apart from snooze at any given moment. WARNING: unattractive ‘cat nap’ picture to follow……

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The last time I felt this overwhelming sense of being utterly pooped (sorry if I’m sounding dramatic) was in the early baby haze-days. You know, those days & weeks following the arrival of your new addition? When you’re not able to comprehend much of anything. All you can think about is sleep: oh, & not forgetting of course, the all consuming emotions that grip your every waking moment!

The only other episode in my life I can relate this to, for those of my non-parent readers (aka. You well rested bunch) is at the age of Fourteen when I was ‘knocked for six’ by glandular-sodding-fever. Over night, I morphed from a teenager bursting at the seams with endless amounts of energy, into a shadow of myself: too weak to move, relegated on the sofa. Physically I felt like a ninety year old, with the smallest of movements being comparable to that of lifting a ten ton truck & depleting any strength I could fathom (ok, so I’ve never attempted to bench press a 10 ton truck, forgive my comparison!) School became sporadic for what felt like a few months: actually this was a saving grace for me-it meant I could escape those bullies & spend some precious time in the presence of my best friend, my mum.

After being surrounded by so many inspirational women, men, writers & bloggers recently, my mind has been running wild with ideas: the enthusiasm to express myself through my blog & writing has seen no end. But gathering the oomph to just open my adored laptop? Well, it’s been non-existent.

Being weighed down with a nasty viral infection has left me in emotional turmoil (along with physical weakness) Instinctively I don’t like to give up, fail*, or feel defeated (can you tell I’m a little competitive?). I’ve felt like a shit mum this week, instead of my usual chipper self, jumping at the chance to play ‘cars’ or ‘trucks’ & savor those precious moments with Bear, I’ve tried my best to coax him to the sofa for snuggles & lure him over with a DVD. For the most part, I can report we had success (the fact that he too has been under the weather, probably contributed to his willingness!).

During these times of fatigue, I find myself reflecting: *whispers* I’m not quite the ‘wonder woman’ I think I am (just don’t tell Mr. Banana pants I told you that). I don’t possess any super powers, & sometimes (just sometimes) I have to learn to accept I simply must rest & recoup. These moments of contemplation can only make me stronger (I tell myself).

Giving yourself the time & head space to explore your inner thoughts can help you find a new perspective on issues: it encourages you to generate new ideas to push yourself forward.

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It may sound like utter nonsense to some people, but for me, allowing myself to break away from life’s daily routines & whilst my body recovers is quite a liberating process: & For a control freak like me, quite an achievement. I realize that in order to be the Best Mummy possible, I need to be the best me possible. To truly ‘savor’ the precious moments with Bear, I need to have a clear, fresh head & not be clouded by so many distractions.

I think above all, the most vital lesson I’ve gained this week is: we must all listen to our bodies more, tune in to our needs. Instinct? That’s our sixth sense & no medical degree can compete against human instinct. Having a rest, or a break from the norm is not showing defeat. It shows strength. I am strong, & I will continue to build upon my mental & physical tenacity, throughout life. Having a little set back, a bump in the road is all part of our journey.

journey, destination, quote, motivation, cool bananas, cool bananas blog, blogger, lifestyle blogger, success, failure, strength* I appreciated the term ‘fail’ or ‘failure’ is a very subjective one. This is my personal opinion & how I’m feeling right now. I accept there are many different levels of failure, & yes, I am pretty harsh on myself.

I promise that once this cloud of ‘blergh’ has lifted (be gone virus!), the loveable, bubbly crazy banana lady you all know SHALL return!! Thank you to every single one of you who has sent me well wishes. Fear not, Bananas shall rise again!

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Vivid Matcha Green Tea: Combating the Afternoon Slump


 ‘Hey! What’s the Matcha with you man?’

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Feeling pooped? Do you find yourself reaching for that caffeine-rich pick me up, or a Red Bull boost? Perhaps you’ve resorted to the old fashioned matchsticks propping your eyelids open. As a mother to a rambunctious toddler, I feel your pain! Not a day will pass, without some wave of exhaustion crashing over me (be it mental or physical). View Post

The Confessions from a ‘Creature of Habit’…

Routine & The confessions from A Creature of Habit…

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We’ve all heard the term being a ‘creature of habit’ thrown around in our somewhat hectic lives. I’d always thought some Psychologist type had coined this phrase: & therefore I’d always conjure up an image of a judgey pants doctor (of sorts) peering down their nose, implying that for my confession of being a said ‘creature of habit’ I had a bad case of OCD, perhaps it signified ‘control’ issues or some other psychotherapy babble.

I felt a sense of relief  & the pokey eyes of judgment disappear, when I discovered then, that this phrase appears to have originated from an America Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs. Most famed perhaps for his creation of the jungle hero ‘Tarzan’ (Although, I am aware the Greek- philosopher–scientist-dude Aristotle said something similar a few years before, aw you know some time B.C!)

Many of us seek solace in our most simple & mundane daily routines: we create these to help form some sense of ‘order amongst the chaos’. Having children is a life altering experience: the good, the bad, & the ugly. You’re entering a whole new world of unpredictability.

One thing guaranteed, is a helluva change!

Given my idiosyncrasies, I’m a slight contradiction unto myself: As much as I desire routine, when Bear appeared in our life I became more relaxed, content to just go with the flow. The pace at which our children grow & change is something I will never properly adjust to: they’re adapting to the big bad world on a daily basis. I love & cherish all the different stages & transitions: the modifications Bear makes of his own accord, to his routine.

milk, routine, cool bananas, cool bananas blogIn this instance, drinking his milk in the morning:

Lord Snotface is very particular, bossy, demanding even. & Up until a few weeks ago he had to have his white stuff snuggling with me (only mummy) on ‘mummy’s chair’: within seconds of emerging downstairs otherwise all hell would break loose! I adored these early morning bonding moments, a time for peace & where I felt mildly needed by my ‘baby bear’. Then, suddenly one day this changed, definitely more ‘bear’ & less ‘baby bear’ now, he decided to take the independent leap to sit on his own, in his lambskin adorned rocking chair. No more sitting with mummy for morning milky!

Mikl, milky, routine, cool bananas, cool bananas blogHe will insist to remain zipped up all snug in his sleepbag, plonks himself into his chair & requests to watch ‘PotManPat’ (postman pat) ,‘TomTommy’ (Thomas) or ‘KipKip’ (kipper the dog). He has to have his dumdum & Mussie in close proximity, which only he is allowed to move, & his bottle must be placed on the floor besides him-just so, for him to scoop up (I did say he was very particular!)

cool bananas, cool bananas blog

cool bananas, cool bananas blog

cool bananas, cool bananas blogMy heart melts, completely & utterly. This is one of those mundane rituals I spoke of, such a small insignificant action for most-but to me it demonstrates a huge step towards independence.

Such an ‘evolution’ is tinged with sadness for me, I’m feeling less desired by him, one more chapter in Mr. squishy-pants life has been & now gone- far too quickly, as always (remember that bit I said about the pace at which sprogletts change? This is it-here).

I Confess, there are aspect of this routine change I’m learning to embrace & *whispers* enjoy. Regaining the use of my arms: the ability to make a tea & actually managing to drink it.  Popping a slice of toast in to cook & taking a few bites before ‘Mummy! SHARE!’ is bellowed at me (I told you, he’s demanding!)

Despite perpetual changes & challenges that present themselves through the joys of having children, I’m happy to go with the flow & accept the ‘inconvenience of change’. I think I’ve learnt to be a chameleon & adapt, constantly. An element of me will always remain a little OCD,  & I’m still a self-confessed control freak: My new philosophy is, welcome to my ‘Organised Chaos’!

What are your ‘creature of habit’ routines & rituals that you just can’t be without, or new ones you’ve learnt to run with?





Love The Little Things #8

Love the little things #8. BBQ season beckons for me….


What’s that? It’s Friday already? Well Hobey Hay Baby!! It’s time to hookey-dook up with the fricken awesome gang over with Morgana at But why mummy why, for the weekly blog slot ‘Love the Little Things’. Shhhhwiiing, lets go! This week Cool Bananas HQ has:

  • Watched

I totally forgot to mention in my last post, that we watched ‘The Great Gatsby’ I say we (Mr. Banana pants & I) but as is tradition for him, not 10 minutes of the film had elapsed before he’d face planted the sofa, & was out for the count! So I watched it on my Jack jones-not a bad thing when delightful Leo is presented before you to swoon over.

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I loved it: More for the graphics & wicked cool sound track, than the slightly predictable story line. Next on the film agenda: The Wolf of Wall Street.

Oh & this Advert made me chuckle the other day! Specifically, the 2 ladies & their magnificent rendition of that ‘Kelis’ song…

  • Read

I’ve been on a roll with my magazines lately & some serious contemplation (hint dropping & nagging directed at Mr Banana-rama) is being given to *gasp* magazine subscriptions! I may have to wait until Christmas for it to materialise-but the seed has been planted!

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  • Heard

Ok I Know this Tune has been a permanent fixture in the ‘charts’ (are they still called the charts? Whoa, that’s a bit TOTP’s there!). I’ve always loved it, but whilst dreaming up ideas for a ‘special’ post during the week, this tune was a clear winner. & In the name of ‘research’ I’ve had it on repeat. On repeat. On repeat…

Not to mention Pharrell is mighty fine!

  • Made

You know me: Always game for a laurf ! So I decided to throw all inhibitions to the wind & make a ‘thank you’ video, for my name appearing on the BiBs shortlist. I’m no youtube video-maker-extraordinaire, but as the age old saying goes ‘actions speak louder than words’ & I’ve put on an Oscar award winning performance for you here. Bah ha! Go on, read the post & watch my video, I’m sure you’ll be grinning by the end. For the post click here

Le geek chest chic

I had my ‘sensible cap’ on for long enough to make these yummy ice cold-water beverages, naturally infused for a little flavor. I can hardly claim full credit for ‘making’ them, when they’re a product of Mother Nature already. I just played matchmaker…..

water, health, fitness, natural, lemon, orange, cucumber, cool bananas, cool bananas blog

  • Wore

These trousers made a few appearances, also worn as ankle grazers- Mixing it up, that’s what I do! We had a date night; I kept it simple with a black cami & skinny jeans (leopard print was donned avec le accessories).

love the little things, WIWT, skinnies, jeans, jeggings, cami, leopard print, cool bananas, cool bananas blog

I got my Hurr Did last week, & as my mate Dizzee will tell you ‘Fix up, look sharp’. Yes Mr Rascal, I did fix up & I do look sharp. Thanks for the heads up.

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‘Rain, rain, go away, come again another day’. Actually no, just sod off full stop. Oh, I’m sorry my manners escape me: SOD OFF PLEEEEASE!  We have plans to make appearances at not just one, but two BBQ’s over the weekend & I’ve been getting so excited: The first burnt-to-smithereens, charcoal infused grub of the year!

But not anymore thanks to the precipitation, the damp, yucky blasted weather! One of these BBQ’s was due to be a swanky affair: Caterers had been hired, porter-loos rented, the whole shebang. Understandably then, with an abysmal forecast reported, this celebration has been kyboshed & will be held later in the year. Not to fret, there is still the family BBQ shindig to chillax at.

  • What are your plans for the week ahead?

Yikes! I’ve been shortlisted for a Brilliance in Blogging Award! If you’d like to see guaranteed Banana dancing on the night, please vote for me here! & I’ll send a virtual Hi Five your way!