Celebrating 65 years of the ‘Original Desert Boot’ with Clarks……..

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, clarksTop designers have been feverishly paving the way recently, for comfortable, stylish flat footwear, & the high street is adorned with a vast array of desirable styles. Regardless of your ‘natural’ height, feeling confidently stylish or bang on trend in flats can take a little imagination.

I can’t deny, there is something about a stunning stiletto that works as a confidence booster, & can completely alter your state of mind, in a ‘I can take on the world’ kind of way. Y’know, that feeling of being all powerful & mighty, as you clip clop your way around town, with an assertive strut? Not to mention, feeling undeniably ‘grown up’ in a pair of heels.

Until that is, you fall ass over tit. Yup, I’m pretty sure even the most competent heel wearer amongst us has at some point face-planted the floor (& I’m talking stone cold sober, no blaming it on the ah-ah-ah-alcohol). This is just one of the many reasons you’ll hardly ever find me wearing sky-scrapers. In a nutshell, I’ve worn flats my entire life. Wearing flats has become one of my ‘things’. Be it boyish in brogues, goin’ street in my sneakers or slumming it in the summer in thongs (yes, I appreciate those folk reading this not of the Ozzie variety, are having a chuckle at thong. Flip-flops then, if you will). In my occupation as full time toddler tamer & chaser, sporting practical flats is a no brainer.

I have nothing but praise for brands in their empowerment of the ‘stylish flat shoe revolution’: making the humble no heel stand out from the crowd & be seen as fashionable, post your backpack- school uniform days. My ‘style’ however, has never really been driven by current trends. Instead, I search for classic silhouettes, substance over style. Simplicity, originality & quality: All rolled into a pretty package. & Nothing encapsulates all of these aspects quite like the Original ‘British’ Desert Boot, from Clarks:

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, clarks, clarks shoes, desert boots

I’ve always coveted over desert boots: they’re iconic, forever stylish & within our family, someone has always owned a pair at any given time. So it seemed almost like a tradition for me to continue this as we evolve our own little unit. For Bear’s 3rd Birthday, we introduced him to the club, with these updated ‘Blue suede shoe’ bad boys……

cool bananas blog, cool bananas, clarks, desert boots

It’s a rarity to find a shoe design that has stood the test of time, which also possesses an ability to transcend the generations & genders: In the Original Clarks desert boots, you can find just this………

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, clarks shoes, desert boots

1 Boot- 3 Generations of the same family.

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, clarks, clarks shoes, desert boots

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, clarks, clarks shoes, desert boots

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, clarks, clarks shoes, desert boots


cool bananas, cool bananas blog, clarks, clarks shoes, desert boots

The Clarks Original Desert Boots, are without a shadow of a doubt, the comfiest footwear I’ve ever owned.

Timeless style ability aside, perhaps my affinity with these boots runs deeper than I initially thought: I have profound respect for a fundamentally British brand, who 65 years after launching, uphold tradition-sourcing the suede for their desert boots from the original supplier, a Leeds based tannery (Leeds is also the birth place of my father). 

Sometimes, a boot isn’t just a boot. Sometimes, style evolves. Sometimes? It needn’t: It’s success lies in simplicity & the originality of a design. A vision. A timeless classic, for us to all enjoy.

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, clarks, clarks shoes, desert boots

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, clara shoes, desert boots

Often imitated, but never bettered, the Clarks Desert Boot is understated style’- 2015 marks 65 years of the Originals- & what better excuse to nab yourself a pair! Click here to find out more

I stumbled across this lovely little video by Clarks about Nathan Clark- The original Mr. Clarks himself!

* Although this post is in association with the lovely people over at Clarks, I honestly cannot recommend their desert boots highly enough. Your feet will be forever grateful if you treat them to a pair!! For more info on how i work with brands, please visit my ‘Work with Me page’ or Email me.


  1. olivia
    06/03/2015 / 1:14 PM

    oooh, lovely review, thanks for putting these onto my radar X

  2. 05/03/2015 / 10:28 PM

    Those boots are gorgeous, I love how you all match! I’ve never owned a pair of desert boots, will have to invest! x

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