What is Christmas anyway? *Why I’m NOT a Humbug*

*Cue the blood boiling from hoards of people, because the words Christmas & Humbug mentioned there…….

I didn’t plan on writing this post, but I felt compelled to do so, as tonight I shall be attending an event, which is in partnership with ‘Kids Company’. & With Christmas just around the corner my thoughts just wouldn’t leave me. Like an itch needing to be scratched, the more I tried ignoring them, the louder they became in my mind (no, I’m not nuts, just passionate)


I don’t get into the ‘swing of things’ quite as much as others, around the festive period it seems. My memories of Christmas from my ‘yoot are great: spent in the tropics, these experiences couldn’t be further from the traditions here in the UK.

The culture of where I grew up was predominantly Malay, & the natives were conservative Muslim. There were no Christmas adverts on TV (then again, tv wasn’t that big out there, & media in general then, was a far cry form the present day) & only a handful of shops decked themselves out in Crimbo decorations. The expat community always threw festive celebrations at a local clubhouse, & the sense of ‘coming together’ & camaraderie felt strong.

So then, perhaps it’s these cultural differences I still need to get my head around & adjust to? Maybe it is acceptable for companies to shove their Christmas propaganda down my throat in October? Nope, I’m sorry, I don’t buy it (granted, Monty the penguin from the John Lewis ad is adorable)

To me, the lead up to Christmas starts in December: It isn’t about the latest fads & fashions, or who gets the most presents. Of course, it’s wonderful to receive a gift, after all who doesn’t love that anticipation of guessing what’s inside & either ripping open the wrapping paper, or carefully unsticking it to preserve for another use? (Reduce, reuse, recycle, or am I just a tight ass? Rhetorical question)

It isn’t about dinner with all the trimmings, or arguments that will inevitably erupt over who gets the TV remote.

I’m not ungrateful, & I apologise if this comes across as such. Honestly? I’m just mindful. I find it hard to accept that whilst we act in a materialistic way (even despite our best efforts), there are others in the world who will go without: Will be fighting for their lives against hunger, poverty, disease, & those caught up in wars. The list goes on.

I feel blessed to be surrounded by loved ones, & share precious time with them, in a safe & comfortable environment. But the feeling of guilt never quite leaves me, for those who are not as fortunate.

As a teenager & young adult, I went through an awkward stage I’m sure most of us did, where the whole festive season was a bit, well, drab? Additions to the family of nephews & nieces then injected a new fondness for Jolly St. Nick . Most recently with the arrival of Bear, I will admit, I can see the magic. At 3 years old, he is much more aware of his surroundings & the whole Santa malarkey. *Hands up* I confess, I’ve been taking full advantage of Santa, as a parenting tool for good behaviour, oops.

He will have presents (just between you & me, he has been a very good boy) & I’m not going to lie, I can’t wait to see his face opening them & the joy of  him encountering this enchanting time of year. But, the importance of caring & sharing towards others less fortunate than us, & how we should endeavor to ‘spread the Christmas cheer’ is a high priority. My parents have always been avid charity supporters & set a great example for me, I hope to follow suit (I have been know to gift ‘goats’ in the past)

Being a parent has changed me beyond recognition, emotionally. & I couldn’t help but feel obliged to share this video from Kids Company CEO Camila Batmanghelidjh, & their Christmas plate pledge campaign:

I hate tat, especially Christmas tat (Sorry-Not sorry). Essentially, it just clogs up landfill & it’s wasteful (don’t go getting me started on wastage). So please don’t buy me tat. For £2 spent on rubbish like this, I’d much rather 2 squids is donated to a worthy cause. For £2, you could feed a vulnerable child this Christmas. For a measly £2, you, yes YOU could be the difference to a child in need, here in the UK.

At the risk of sounding incredibly cheesy, The children are our future’

I urge you to please donate & Share this post: Consider it your Christmas present to me.

PS: I know it’s not December just yet, but this is charity yo. Yo, ho, ho.





  1. Life at the Little Wood
    27/11/2014 / 11:43 PM

    I remember someone saying to me once that it’s not the gifts we remember at Christmas, but the atmosphere and the happiness of being with family. It’s so true when i think back to my own childhood, and we are so keen that our kids feel the same. This year they are each donating one of the things they would have asked for, to a local charity. It’s so sweet to see how proud they are of it. And I’m very proud of them! 🙂 Lovely post K xx

  2. 27/11/2014 / 10:24 PM

    Such a valid post and points made. My favourite thing about Christmas is the cheer, the carols and spending time with my family. The present side of it, I could happily do without, to be honest. I’ll happily donate xx

  3. 27/11/2014 / 6:01 PM

    Lovely post Katrina- brought a tear to my eye. Al so true and how kick-ass is CB? I will donate and it will be my Christmas present to you (but I may still get you a little bit of Xmas tat – because hey its Christmas – and nobody should go without!) x
    Beautifully written – high five!!

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