Flirting with Felicities…

Flirting with Felicities

One of the many perks involved in being Mrs Cool bananas (apart from the ‘available on demand’ toddler cuddles), is that occasionally I’ll receive an invite to attend a rather trendy press launch. This was the case earlier in the week, when Felicities were hosting an evening showcasing some of their clients’ portfolios of work. Primarily I headed there in the anticipation to discover more about Keungzai: the contemporary, luxe brand aimed at mothers & mothers to be, created by Michelle Lee.

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Once you discover you’re pregnant, through to becoming a mother, I think it’s fair to say many of us struggle to maintain our sense of ‘self’ & ‘style’: Our shape is changing rather rapidly-something that is both awe inspiringly beautiful, yet slightly terrifying at the same time. I’m a fan of the ‘capsule’ wardrobe, so the prospect of having to buy tons of different clothes to sustain me throughout these multiple stages-was a bit of a nightmare. Not to mention it can be a rather expensive practice. Therefore, I have always advocated the importance of maintaining your individual ‘style’ over ‘fashion’ & buying a couple of investment pieces, that will stand the test of time & are versatile enough for this. This is the mantra I live by (whilst obviously staying within my budget). But I do think you’ll often ‘get what you pay for’ with the quality & longevity of the fabrics. So this is one of the key points I was impressed with Keungzai for: their range has plenty of scope for women of all shapes, sizes & stages of life. Other brands you’d have heard me mention here before, that fulfil my ‘mantra’ are Issabella Oliver, Baukjen & Hush (to name a few!).

There’s nothing quite like seeing items of clothing in the flesh: touching the luscious fabrics & exploring how they truly flow. So often when you browse online, a picture can’t always convey the true quality of the fabric. I have to say, I believe this brand has done a superb job: the pieces look beautiful online & the images shown capture all aspects of the line very clearly & true to how they appear on the naked eye. These two were the stand out pieces of the evening for me:

keungzai, michelle lee, felicities, dress, fashion, style, maternity& Here’s a ‘mash up’ of pictures I took from the event, that showcased a number of different Felicities’ clients:

Tramp in disguise

‘Tramp in Disguise’ This ‘cover up’ was beautiful.

Tramp in Disguise: This beautiful piece caught my eye, & pictured is Sini Moilanen (Designer & owner)




What are your Capsule wardrobe  go to brands? I love discovering new collections to add to my wish list!

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  1. MrsCoolBananas
    15/04/2014 / 8:24 AM

    Lol, I’m getting the hang of it with this camera malarkey…. i think! I adored Seraphine whilst i was preggers, had a beautiful coat from there. Hmmm, perhaps we ought to do a collaboration one day on our ‘love’ brands?! xx

  2. MrsCoolBananas
    15/04/2014 / 8:03 AM

    You’re welcome, it was great to see the collection in person. x

  3. 14/04/2014 / 8:54 PM

    Stunning collection with equally beautiful pictures, we love the same brands and I often review the ones you’ve mentioned. I loved my Seraphine maternity wear too. Thanks for linking up to #fashionfriday

  4. 11/04/2014 / 4:08 PM

    Thank you for this lovely write up!

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