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Surely, everyone has heard of YO! SuShi? (Unless of course you’ve been living in the Outer Hebrides, perhaps?) Since launching in the UK back in 1997, this brand has captivated the public & developed a loyal (somewhat cult) following, it’s easy to see why: They’re a quirky, fun brand, offering super quick & healthy fast food, in the form of sushi. The concept? Delivering food to your seat via a conveyor belt.

Quite often you’ll find a YO! SuShi located in what at first appears like a bit of a random place: Smack bang in the middle of a shopping mall. But, if like Mr. B & myself, you enjoy participating in a spot of people watching, this presents the ultimate entertainment: observing the world pass by. Nestled into a booth, you don’t feel over exposed as you may expect to in such an open environment, but relaxed & at ease, ready to enjoy the dining experience.

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, yo sushi, sushi, yo sushi bromley

The YO! In Bromley, is snuck underneath the escalators, located by 2 huge department stores (M&S/ Debenhams)

I’ve been a YO! Fan for quite some time, so you can imagine how happy I was to find out the chain had recently opened a new bar in my home town, Bromley (or Brommers, as it’s known amongst friends).

As is typical with most restaurants, YO! SuShi provide a separate Gluten free menu which (unlike other food establishments) has plenty of choice. But what really sets them apart from other eateries, is their flexibility in catering for coeliac suffers: Their ‘kitchen ninjas’ went above & beyond to create a handful of dishes for me, that weren’t shown as options on the GF menu, instead, they freshly prepared these omitting the gluten containing ingredients. Now, to those of you thinking ‘Eh, big deal’, well you’re kinda right, most of the time this is a very simple task, but the majority of restaurants I visit refuse to go that extra mile, sticking rigidly to a set & often extremely limited, gluten free menu. So credit where credit is due, YO! SuShi, you rock.

Leaving the 3 year old at home one night- don’t fret, we didn’t abandon him to fend for himself, he was firmly under the supervision of top notch babysitters (the grand ‘rents) Mr. B & I popped off to enjoy a date sampling the latest sushi offerings in our ‘hood.

*When ever I talk about sushi, I cannot get out of my head this scene from friends where Ross & Rachel talk about UNAGI. Please tell me I’m not alone?*

Back to our meal….Here’s what we munched…… 


Gluten free soy sauce is provided by the restaurant (& is yummy)

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, yo sushi, sushi, yo sushi Bromley

Avocado Maki, Cucumber Maki, Tamago,

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, yo sushi, sushi, yo sushi bromley

Vegetable Firecracker Rice, Teriyaki Chicken- Both prepared separately, without gluten containing ingredients

I mentioned how I adore the eccentric touches to YO!, such as the food delivery system, well the list goes on: At your table, you have a button to press for help- when it’s sounded, a comical voice shouts out in Japanese (or occasionally gibberish) to gain attention, without fail it always makes me chuckle.

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, yo sushi, yo sushi Bromley Built into the table, are your own drinking water taps, cheekily coined ‘H2Yo’.

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, yo sushi, sushi, yo sushi bromley

& Then, there’s the colour coded dishes- an easy peasy system to keep track of prices: 6 coloured dishes, 6 prices. It’s that simple.

The atmosphere within a YO! SuShi (& I’ve tried a few!) definitely adds to the overall experience of dining out at, BUT, the food speaks for itself, & I am beyond thrilled YO! Offer ‘Yo to go’ – collect your favourites to enjoy in the comfort of home: especially handy on those nights when the tag-team-duo-babysitters-extraordinaire aren’t available. YO! Is also a perfect place to take the kiddos along to. If you’re in the area, make sure you pop in & check it awwn out for yourselves 🙂

If you fancy learning the art of being a kitchen ninja, you can take part in a sushi school one evening at selected venues. Click here to learn more about YO! SuShi.

All this talk of food has left me starving, what’s for dinner tonight?!

*Many thanks to YO! for inviting us along to try their new branch in Bromley, for the purpose of this review. As always, all views & opinions are my own. Visit my ‘Work With Me Page’ to find out more on how Cool Bananas works with Brands.



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