A little, late announcement // Baby Boy

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Well, hello. It’s been a while, again, hasn’t it? The past 2 years, in retrospect, have felt like a bit of a blur: Enduring 6 months of (failed) fertility treatments, followed by IVF (successful on the second attempt), packing up our lives’ in London and moving to Australia. Adjusting to a whole lotta ‘new’ everything. I *think* all of that alone, is reason enough to have a marginally fuzzled head (I’m not sure if fuzzled is an actual word, but I’m calling it).

If you follow me over on Instagram (hai!) you’ll know that the significant reason for my absence and confuzzeled state of mind is simply, I’ve been totally consumed and relishing all those precious moments with our new addition, and adjusting to using the plural, ‘children/ kids/ boys’.

cool bananas, cool bananas blog

He. Yes, he, we had another boy (I’m completely outnumbered by testosterone!). He (Z) was born by emergency caesarian*, at just over 38 weeks, weighing a hefty 4.01kg (that’s 8lbs, 8oz, in old skool money). Can we just take a moment to contemplate how big he would have been if I’d made it to full term?! *I had been booked in for an elective section at 39 weeks but went into early labour, so it wasn’t technically an ‘emergency’ in the true sense of the word, unlike my first birth.

I won’t let a day pass, not even the tough ones like, I dunno, when the five-year-old tells me he hates me or doesn’t want me to be his mama anymore (which happens every day right now, jeez) when I don’t pinch myself and thank my lucky stars for my little boys. It was one helluva journey to get here, a bittersweet one, but all the heartache, fertility trials and tribulations, stabby needles and countless invasive ultrasounds were so worth it: To have another baby, a sibling for the big boy, the missing piece of our family puzzle.

So I guess you could say I’ve been on maternity leave. It’s been awesome. But I’m ready to claw back just a teensy bit of independence now, to get my head back in the metaphorical game, allowing my brain to engage and thoughts to flow freely, flexing my creative prowess once more, even if I can only dedicate one day per week, fully to the cause (because childcare costs are crippling and baby cuddles are the best).  Service shall resume, to what extent and capacity is yet to be determined. If the last couple of years have taught me anything, it is to simplify life, and be present: a philosophy I plan to apply on here and towards work, also. And so, instead of spending the next hour, procrastinating over this post, I’ma just put it out there and hit publish. (I’ll still probs check it about ten times for grammar and typos though. What? I can’t help it, it’s an occupational hazard).

Lastly, at some point, I’ll write up on our experience with infertility, IVF, the birth, and some moving-down-under info, but I’d love to know from you if there is anything you’d like me to cover specifically? Please email me with any requests.