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When I was pregnant with my son, I was a sucker for stockpiling every single mother & baby magazine I could get my hands on. I immersed myself in them, trying to pick up all the insider info, convinced I was gonna have this being a mother thing down. Sleep? I knew how to deal with that. The best buggy? Yup, I was cocksure all my research made me the leading authority on strollers/ travel systems & car seats. Let’s blame those pregnancy hormones & my beautifully naïve mind on all the above delusional thoughts. Because if my introductory to motherhood taught me anything at all it was; You can never be prepared.

But during pregnancy at least, I felt like I could assert some level of control, even if this was strictly confined to my appearance (because you can do all the kegel exercises going, but if  baby wants to do the Harlem shuffle on your bladder- no amount of muscle strengthening can help that issue). I was convinced I had the whole capsule wardrobe & maternity essentials nailed.

Back then, we had 2 incomes, so I was definitely more relaxed* with my maternity wardrobe & what I considered ‘essential’ {*I didn’t have to worry about Mr. B seeing my bank statement}. In the present, it’s a totally different sitch. We have one income, AND we’ve just spent a small fortune relocating to Sydney. I’ve simply had no choice but to make my existing closet work hard, & in all honestly it hasn’t been until the last furlong that I’ve truly expanded.

There are just some things, that are totes essential: A packet of mints in your handbag to keep nausea at bay, the perfect pair of sliders for those puffy feet, some gentle war paint to camouflage the fatigue in your face, & at the top of these essentials is the humble BRA. Being comfy is paramount, & keeping my boobs happy has been no easy feat. Even prior to pregnancy I struggled to find bras that fit me, which did their job properly- blame a small back & a healthy cup size for this, nothing unduly OTT I assure you, just an awkward size (I’m usually a 28/30 f/ff, I know you were intrigued 😉 ). Discovering maternity/ nursing bras to fit AND that look remotely nice was a pain in the ass back then, & has been now. My back has hardly changed size, but the milk jugs (as the husband kindly refers to them) have grown to epic proportions. With my son, I resorted to wearing Shock Absorber sports bras. Luckily, this nursing/ maternity bra from Fertile Mind has been a godsend.

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, maternity bra, nursing bra, fertile mind

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, fertile mind, maternity bra, nursing bra, maternity essentials

I have to say, it’s a mega comfy nursing* bra, worth its weight in gold. (*I’m undecided as to how this bubba will be fed, but it’s great to have the nursing clip option if breastfeeding works out for us). The only aspect where it could improve isn’t in the design itself- I can find no faults there, but aesthetically speaking, in the colour department: If these came in a neon bright, or a funky leopard print, that’d make it the bees knees.

This pregnancy has been an entirely opposite experience to that of my son, I’m not sure if IVF treatment & the amount of hormones involved have any relation to some of this- as I’ve felt nauseous throughout, with crippling fatigue (though I’ve just discovered a massive iron deficiency is likely to be responsible for the exhaustion). The way I’m carrying this baby is completely different too, I’ve been experiencing debilitating back pain. Seeing the physio & wrapping myself in the Belly Bra at night provides some temporary, welcome relief.

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, belly bra, fertile mind As I write this, I’m heading into the final few weeks, so I should attempt to focus now on those early day essentials AND pack my hospital bag. I’m happy to admit, that I’m feeling blissfully unorganised. Because something I have learned about myself as a mother over the last 5 years, is, that I’m pretty good at winging it: I’m not easily phased. Just give me some sleep* I’ll be unstoppable (I could do with some of that please. Pregnancy insomnia got me like, zzzz!!)

What were, or are your pregnancy & early day essentials?

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