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Hey there! I’m Katrina.

I’m a bit of a bad ass, with a good attitude: London mama living in Sydney. A Blogger, Freelance Writer, Content Creator, ‘Influencer’, & Wife.

Welcome to Cool Bananas: A blog dedicated to redefining & reshaping the stereotype of motherhood. Pushing the rules & boundaries of what being a ‘mum’ is all about. Here, you’ll find me embracing the highs & lows of everyday life, relishing & cherishing all that it is to be a modern day mama, & promoting a non-judgmental parental community, where we can all embrace ‘different’.

Cool Bananas is a multi-award shortlisted blog, these pages are filled with an eclectic mix of design, travel & style entwined with tales of modern motherhood.

Quickfire facts about me:

Lives: My childhood years were spent in South East Asia, being raised on the tropical isle of Borneo. For my teen & young adult life, on the mean streets of South East London is where I spent most of my days*. Current status: I relocated in early 2016 from London to Sydney’s Northern Beaches, with my young family.*It wasn’t that mean, & another random fact about me is I love The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, I’m a 90’s chick.

Loves: Often found working up a sweat at the gym, or on the beach, which is my happy place. I have a penchant for monochrome. A sucker for a good quote, & I have the uncanny ability to lose hours immersed on Instagram .

Other: I’m an eternally optimistic soul, & live life with my glass half full. I suffer from coeliac disease, & have been open about our infertility struggles. We have a 4-year-old boy & are expecting a new addition that has an ETA of November 2016 (conceived thanks to the wonders of IVF). I’m also a freelance writer: with projects varying from website content to regular features for health & well-being publications. I can be found Instagramming (& occasionally tweeting) as @coolbananasblog

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, katrina west

I’ve been really lucky to work with some fabulous brands, such as Clarks, Mark Warner, PacaPod & Headmasters, to name just a few: If you’d like to work with me, please get in touch: Visit ‘Work with me‘¬†¬† for more info or Email me here

**I do accept product placements/ sponsored or paid for posts Рwhereby I have been paid to promote an item or service- as although I’m a self-confessed modern day hippie, who’s all about spreading the love, frankly love sweet love, don’t pay ‘dem bills. Anytime this happens, it’ll be made crystal clear to you: rest assured, I’ll never bullshit you about a product or service being life changing unless of course it really is.

Cool Bananas: A phrase used to indicate that something is Excellent.