How many weeks until Australia?

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, moving, Australia, migration, migrate “How many weeks until Australia now, mummy?’ – This is the question I’m dealing with on a daily basis, from the 4 year old. It’s quite handy really, having a per diem reminder, my personal countdown calendar. It’s also very cute, how excited he is about the impending move. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m hyped about it all too. BUT, 4 WEEKS!! View Post

A little note on our BIG move……..

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, migration

Me (on an ecstatic phone call to Mr. B) : ‘AHHHHH!! Ohhhhh maiiiii gawd. Did you see the email?’

Mr. B, cool as a cucumber responds, ‘ What email? What is it? Is everything ok?’

Me, ‘Everything is awesome!!’ (cue singing the Lego movie theme tune)…. ‘Our visas. They were granted over night! WE HAVE OUR VISAS!!’ –

At the risk of sounding oh so very cliché, that email, that phone call, they really were life changing. It’s the accumulation of around 6 years worth of daydreaming about a different way of life, & meticulously plotting our escape from the UK. It’s the reward for slogging away over the past 3 years, sifting through mountains of paperwork & subjecting the Mr. to assessment after assessment (to satisfy the Oz government & their criteria of his occupation). It’s been 1 year since we employed the services of a migration consultant, & 4 months from the moment we submitted our final application. Even after all of this, it’s only just the beginning. The start of a new adventure, & a brand new chapter for team Bananas. View Post