Morning Sunshine!

SO…after much anticipation, hours of preparation, a mammoth packing session, a ridiculously long rush-hour-busy Heathrow taxi ride, 2 plane journeys and another short drive….we arrived at our friends place on the warm isle of Grand Cayman! All in all nearly a 24 hour trip, Phew!¬†That makes me feel exhausted just writing it down. I think it was pure adrenaline that got us through our marathon travels, for the 2nd time this year! My darling boy only sleep for 3 hours out of the whole trip, resulting in a countless number of walks around the plane cabin. In contrast my other darling boy (aka. the old chap), fell asleep at absolutely every opportunity! Our first night’s sleep was without any jet lag interference (oh, the difference a good night’s sleep makes!). And with this view greeting you as you stumble out of bed in the morning, every sleep deprived and travel exhausting moment is worth while………

What better 'welcome to Cayman' could you ask for? The fuzz in the pic is our insect screen.........

What better ‘welcome to Cayman’ could you ask for?
The fuzz in the pic is our insect screen………

Our sun rise morning beach stroll…


sunrise2_Fotorsunrise1_FotorA Fantastic start to our Vay-Kay (gotta get with the americano lingo). Watch out world, here we come!


Welcome to…HELL

If you’ve had enough of heavenly bliss…..Go to Hell!

Hell...The Cayman Islands

Hell…The Cayman Islands

Welcome to hell my little lovelies! I’ve just realised it’s halloween so this is a very suitable post. This is a tiny little district in West bay, that has a blackened and jagged rock formation.¬†Hell’s intriguing formation, which resembles the charred remains of a hell fire, is a weathered form of the local rock called ironshore & has been estimated at 1.5 million years old. The formation looks like volcanic rock but it’s made up of very hard limestone, once white, now blackened by a surface coating of the algae which are secreting acid and eroding the rock into these unusual shapes. There are various theories where the name came from but all are folk law.


It’s pretty cool, you can send a postcard from here & it’ll be post stamped ‘Hell’.








And finally….. am i an Angel in disguise… or a little devil?! You decide!




Happy Halloween!!

Missing In Action….holiday time!

Oh me, oh my! It’s been too long since i did my last post. I feel like a naughty child who hasn’t done their homework (No, the dog didn’t eat it)! I’ve been totally consumed in organising my little family for our intrepid adventures across the pond to the incredibly beautiful Cayman islands. And since arriving, i’ve just not had the enthusiasm to do, well, much really (hey, what are holidays for?)!¬†I’m planning on writing a more detailed travel post, as I’ve got so much to say but just too tired to get into the nitty gritty now.

As any traveller knows, the lead up to your holiday requires a fair bit of ground work and preparation, with a small toddely woddely in tow that seems to triple. how? They’re so small, surely they don’t need that much stuff? Gone be the days of any ‘capsual’ wardrobe for me and travelling light. It drives me potty now when i see articles in ‘womens’ magazines preaching about how you ‘only need a few staple items’ to get through a holiday (& is it me, or do they always pack white? White + holiday + small infant = disaster in my books!) Having said that, i do pretty well in packing the ‘essentials’ and we will all use 9/10 things bought away with us. & I’ve got some nifty tips………

Packing light?! More like movin' town!

Packing light?! More like movin’ town!

My secret...vacuum space saving bags

My secret…vacuum space saving bags

So my secret to saving on space and protecting clothes against any liquid spillages/ bags getting caught in tropical downpours is space saving vacuum bags. They fantastic! & they’re an absolute bargain… from ye old ‘pound shop’!

One thing that really annoys me when you’re planning your trip at this time of the year in from the UK (autumn) you really struggle to find holiday essentials readily available or much of a selection from either the high street or online. You seem to have to search the far reaching corners on the internet for any reasonable deals. & i Found one i’ll share with you… Suncream. I love Nivea, so when looking at a leading high street ‘pharmacy’ (not shoes, but B***s!) one bottle cost ¬£14.99- so special offers, no BOGOF’s. Shock! But buying direct through Nivea, i got 3 bottles of the suncream and a bottle of aftersun for ¬£20 (& free delivery)!!! SAY WHAT?!!!! Now that is a bargain in my books!

opening my nivea treats- what a cute package!

opening my nivea treats- what a cute package!

WOW! all that for £20?!!!

WOW! all that for £20?!!!

And a cute snap form Miami Airport (don’t get me started on the whole immigration/ customs/ transit situation at that airport! thats a whole rant post in itself there..)



My little Bear with ‘Harley’ and ‘larry’. Yup that’s right, we name his stuff. Harley the harlequin ladybird trunky and larry that ladybird backpack!

Right, off now….some lovely sunny posts to follow, make sure you keep checking back in!!

Sending y’all some sun!