The Ordinary Moments {14 #2}

{The ordinary moments 14 #2} The inappropriate things my toddler Says:

The ordinary moments

The things my toddler says (no, make that Shouts!) that are totally inappropriate: When taken out of context that is, if you happen to be a passer by & not his full time interpreter (me). For toddler speech as we are all aware is perfectly clear & makes complete sense to them & to us (the parent/ carer/ FT interpreter), but in reality is a muddle of different sounds & words, constituting to an entire foreign language for others.

For example, whilst zipping up & down the food isle of a supermarket & passing the cereal section filled to the hilt with all those sugary naughty’s, in his loudest (yet cutest) husky voice my little ball of energy suddenly shouts “NUTS!! DADDYEES NUTS!!” If I don’t respond within a split second of these words parting from his lips, & incase I need reminding “Mummyeee? DADDYEES NUTS’! I would like to clear this up fellow shoppers, my son is not referring to a part of my beloved husbands anatomy, no, no-no. He is most obviously pointing out to me that: ‘Mummy, we have just passed the Honey & nut cornflakes, & Daddy likes to consume these for breakfast’. I’m perfectly aware of all the bemused looks I receive when he proclaims this in his special way, though I get far too much of a giggle from it to correct him or offer an explanation to anyone.

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Shouting those inner most thoughts!!

& The other example, may sound like the start of a bad ‘toilet humour’ joke. Alas, this is not the case. My little bear is fond of Winnie the Pooh. “Fantastic” I thought! “I loved Winnie the Pooh when I was younger” & looked forward to watching & reading the works of A.A Milne together. Oh Boy!! Little did I realise bear would march around shouting “POO!! Mummyeee, POO”. Whenever he was thinking of the yellow fluffy pooh bear. This was made worse (much worse) recently: when daddy & bear were out, they came across a Gigantic Winnie the Pooh teddy bear, of the plush & stuffed variety:

winnie the pooh, winnie, pooh, pooh bear,  A A milne

Gigantic Winnie the Pooh!

Our ‘bear’ apparently picked Winnie up & refused to put him down. Daddy being a big softy treated little dude to this new stuffed creature.  So now I have to content with the random ‘out loud’ thoughts from said child of not just “POO. Mummyee POO” Noooo, But “BIG POO! Mummyeee, BIG POO”. Hahahaha. Just watch those poor buggers around us fleeing for cover in the worry that a little toddler has just created a ‘big poo’ in the literal sense!!