Dreams, Goals & Ambitions // Stand Up Paddle boarding…..

jersey, stand up paddle board, jersey beaches, cool bananas, cool bananas blogFor as long as I can remember, I’ve always been active & keen on sports: As a child, like the cliché little sister, this was whatever my older brother Boy* was into- I totally idolised him & his sporting prowess (he would ace any sport he’d turn to). The diversity of activities he was into would change almost as often as he changed his pants- I could hardly keep up with him! At one point it’d be basketball- complete in a psychedelic 90’s neon get up, & a pair of Jordan’s (or air max) to match, the next he was practicing his happy Gilmore golf swing. His choice saw no bounds, tennis was a regular feature too & snakboarding down the streets (anyone else remember the snakeboard?).

*We grew up in South East Asia, where the locals would simply refer to children by their gender- henceforth I’ve always referred to him as boy, & likewise him to me as ‘girl’, we do have legit name too, obvs. View Post