What does a Mark Warner Holiday look like?

Our trip to Mark Warner Beach Resort, Levante, Rhodes: Part 1.

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It’s been just over a week since we returned from our (slightly longer than anticipated) break to Rhodes: I’ve just about managed to shift my way through 2 weeks worth of washing, settled Bear back into his routine & also suffer a hideous episode of the holiday blues. Trying to gather my thoughts & put them up on here has taken me much longer than I had hoped (due partly to the mountains of paperwork greeting me upon arriving home, thanks tax man, grrr). View Post

Anywhere in the world……

Wing and sea cost
January: I can’t quite pinpoint, what is it about the first month of a new year, which leaves me so desperately craving a holiday? Dreaming of a tropical jaunt to a far-flung paradise, or a romantic European escape. My list of wanderlust is never ending, travelling & soaking up different cultures is a passion deeply routed within me. Discovering the world is a sentiment I feel is so important for me as a parent, to share & pass on to Bear. View Post

No frills, Long Haul flying with Norwegian: On a Dreamliner…..

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Words you wouldn’t normally see within the same sentence there: Long haul & no frills?

Budget airlines are something most of us associate with short haul flight durations: aircraft which are packed to the rafters’, being seated far too close to other passengers, it’s a very uncomfortable & intimate affair (Who’s armrest is it anyway?! & Yes, I can smell what you had for lunch…..)

Budget busting airlines get a hell of a lot of stick in the press: Don’t get me wrong, a few of these ‘players’ are sneaky, & deserve the reputation they’re famous for. But what about the window of opportunity they’ve created….world exploration for those budding Michael Palins amongst us? I, for one, love a bargain & it’ll come as no shock to you then, that I’m a massive budget airline fan too.

I’ll be the first to admit, I’d never heard of a long haul budget airline before Norwegian. & When I found out about them, I was a massive skeptic. But, at £1000 less than any other airline for the same route- they certainly weren’t to be sniffed at!

So, here’s the low down on Norwegian:

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Globe trotting with a tot……

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I love the sun & I love being outdoors. Hardly a great combination when you’re located in the UK. My penchant for all things hot & sunny surpasses from my childhood. I grew up on the balmy isles of Borneo: & from here I was blessed with the good fortune to also explore the farthest corners of the world with my family. Globetrotting around the planet has continued into my adult life: along with Mr. Bananas we’ve experience a slice of each continent together. A feat of cultural immersion I’m so happy & grateful to be able to add to my ‘life CV’.

Before becoming parents, we’d ticked off the list ‘travelling around Australia’, twice. Not in the ‘gap year’ style as is more common amongst Oz bound pommes of a certain age, but 2 separate visits of 6 weeks each. Both of which involved either a campervan/ jeep & plenty of campsites. After our first trip there, we decided this was the place we desperately craved to call home & raise our future off spring, so it’ll come as no shock to you that for the last 5 years we’ve been plotting our escape.

cool bananas, cool banana blog, Australia, holiday, travel 2014-11-04_0008Until the day arrives when we can ‘set sail’ down under, we have been making the most of destinations that will be too far out of reach for us, when based in Australia. View Post

Mark Warner Holidays: One size fits all……

Mark Warner, Levante beach Resort. Rhodes, Greece.

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Ok, if I find this label sewn into clothes, it drives me a little crazy. How can on earth can ‘one size fit all’ I mumble? So you might wonder then, if I’ve lost the plot completely, by applying such a term to a holiday. What, with so many different travel styles, budgets, tastes & interests, how can I possibly suggest one holiday covers all bases?

The thing is, after experiencing a Mark Warner Holiday first hand, I genuinely believe it’s suitable from the most independent style of traveller amongst us, to those seeking a ‘package deal’: Sports fans, can pack in thrill seeking, paddle waving, jam packed days:

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My face? That’s a look of sheer determination…not.to.fall.off -I didn’t, yippee!! But a windsurfer kindly crashed into me.

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