The importance of good hair (validating self care)

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, headmasters, colour consultation, colour theoryA wonderful lady that I know, wrote a brilliant piece lately about self-love in whatever guise it takes, is very important & shouldn’t need justifying to anyone. I couldn’t have agreed more. Yet, too often, I still find myself doing just that……

We all know how to practice physical health from an early age, such as dental hygiene for example. & I’m guessing, that most of us are, at least aware, that nourishing our bodies inside & exercising them on the outside is advisable.

Finding ourselves in a culture where buying overprice/ organic/ hand grown/ lovingly-cultured-produce, which can be tracked down to within a hairs-length of its origin (often, to a local farmer named Bob, or Frank), is fast becoming prevalent, as to, is splashing our hard earned pennies for gym memberships- the majority of which remain dormant for many months of the year -the cynic in me is convinced the latter point is actually a clever marketing strategy most fitness establishments employ to boost their profits- I always think of that friends episode where Chandler goes to cancel his membership….. (on a side note: my gym must kinda hate me, as I’m such a regular, I’m sure I’ve become part of the fam- & they’re not actually making much money from me)

I digress.

My point is this: in a society, where it is deemed not only acceptable, but almost the norm, to spend an extortionate amount of money on commodities to boost our physical health, why does it feel like when we do the same for our emotional health (in what ever mode we deem suitable, as let’s face it, this is very subjective) it’s easily dismissed as selfish or pointless?

If we take time out for a cup of tea & a chat with friends, buy ourselves a fancy new outfit, or pay that little bit of extra attention to our image- all of which I’ll edge my bets on, can take you to a happier, more confident, positive place, do we feel guilty & as if these acts are all nonsensical?

Emotional health, is so very personal: Self care is important for your physical health as well as your mind & soul (including your relationships with others). Taking a leaf outta Kathryn’s book (who, FYI, now has the internets most desirable nails) to continue this encouragement of openness for self love, I’m going to confess my number one mood booster. Good hair.

Good hair, let me tell you, is no easy feat. It has less to do with the images you collate on pinterest (or from a magazine if you’re being retro) & plonk in front of a stylist, but more to do with a colour & style that is unique for you. Getting it wrong is oh so easy, but get it right? & You’ll feel like you’ve hit the jackpot. Establishing your signature look, becomes part of your weaponry.

Discovering which hair colour best complements your skin tone & lifestyle, isn’t too dissimilar to finding the correct make up: resembeling an umpa-lumpa has never flattered anyone. So, with this in mind, the clever folks at Headmasters have devised a brilliant plan: 10 minutes in the chair with your HM Expert Colourist, & they’ll visually determine your perfect salon colour (Think of it as a grown up color quiz, like those you used to get in Sugar magazine. & Yes, I appreciate this shows my age). My consultation deemed me ‘warm’, just like my character 😉

There are now over 100,000 hairdressers in the UK, according to the Office for National Statistics, which means more people cut hair than manufacture textiles. With stats like that, I do not think this is a question of vanity, it’s a question of confidence: Having a good haircut & colour can allow people – in a boardroom or even the House of Commons – to feel more confident (I’m pretty sure Boris Johnson didn’t get this memo).

As far as I’m concerned, talking openly about self care/ self love/ emotional health, & the ways in which we choose to improve upon these (be it a better hair day or shiny manicured nails) encourages us to close the gap between our physical & physiological health. Surely, that can only be a good thing, right?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to purchase some PH balanced, genetically superior kale, sprinkled in unicorn glitter (whadya mean that doesn’t exist?!).

Read Kathyrn’s piece: Nice nails (& other basic human rights) here.

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