Welcome to…HELL

If you’ve had enough of heavenly bliss…..Go to Hell!

Hell...The Cayman Islands

Hell…The Cayman Islands

Welcome to hell my little lovelies! I’ve just realised it’s halloween so this is a very suitable post. This is a tiny little district in West bay, that has a blackened and jagged rock formation.¬†Hell’s intriguing formation, which resembles the charred remains of a hell fire, is a weathered form of the local rock called ironshore & has been estimated at 1.5 million years old. The formation looks like volcanic rock but it’s made up of very hard limestone, once white, now blackened by a surface coating of the algae which are secreting acid and eroding the rock into these unusual shapes. There are various theories where the name came from but all are folk law.


It’s pretty cool, you can send a postcard from here & it’ll be post stamped ‘Hell’.








And finally….. am i an Angel in disguise… or a little devil?! You decide!




Happy Halloween!!


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