WHAT I’VE LEARNED IN 31 years…..

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, things I've learned This little post has been sitting in my ‘drafts’ for quite some time,….clearly I’m still in denial about turning another year older……

So, yup, you can guess from the title, I recently celebrated a birthday. But truth be told, I still don’t feel much like an adult. WHAT is one of those, anyway? Adult? Who let me adult? I like to think of myself simply as a slightly wiser (more natural, than platinum blonde) version of myself (so, basically, I’m still the headstrong, stubborn mare, I’ve always been?).

My dreams, aspirations & beliefs still remain pretty akin to those of my younger years (admittedly, becoming a mother has been the biggest learning curve, & I’ve matured beyond recognition from the girl I was pre-parent days). Only, as we live, ‘life’ teaches us a few lessons along the way, doesn’t it? So, this moment of reflection left me thinking, what exactly have I learned in the last 31 years on this planet?

1. I’m a sucker for a good Pinterest quote: Kindness is not weakness/ Silence is not an admission of guilt/ There is no such thing as a mistake, Only a lesson learnt / Life is about the journey, not the destination/ Our attitude toward life will determine life’s attitude toward us. Vomit inducing for some, cheap therapy session for me.

2. Kikik k makes even more gorgeous quote cards than you’ll find on Pinterest (you will thank me for this. Your purse? Not so much 😉 )

3. Finding a good hairdresser is more valuable than winning the lottery.

4. You can never own enough pairs of shoes (in my case, sneakers, kicks, trainers) Unlike skinny jeans which may let you down if you retain a little too much water one day, the shoe, will always fit.

5. Say sorry. Even if you’re not wrong, be the bigger person & apologize. More aptly if you are wrong, if you’ve been a dick, say sorry


6. Never apologize for being you: Have a view & don’t regret having the conviction to follow through with your feelings, even if you are going against the majority. Inevitably, to have the gumption of a strong opinion won’t always win you friends, but just own it (try not to offend or insult others in the process, there’s simply no need for that).

7. Leopard print is always right.

8. Leopard print & stripes combo is always a good idea

9. Imitation is not flattering. It’s a down right insult. Imitating intellectual or creative property isn’t just rude it’s borderline plagiarism. Being inspired by someone? That’s an entirely different story. Always give credit where credit is due.

10. Having a child(ren) is unequivocally a blessing: getting pregnant, maintaining a pregnancy (basically the entire process of procreation) should never, ever be taken for granted.

11. Therapy is good. Scrap that. Therapy is great & every single person should give it a go. It saved my marriage, & quite possibly my sanity (there. I’ve said it. How very unbritish of me!). Understanding yourself is a great place to start for understanding the behaviour of others around you

12. Never say never. I’d never have thought I’d become a coffee drinker. All I can say is espresso has been a game changer for my sleep deprivation. So who knows, perhaps one day I’ll become a world paddle-boarding champ, or Kayne could become president? (Just don’t let it be Trump, ohkay?)

13. Iris Apfel, isn’t just a fashion Icon. She’s an absolute legend. When I grow up, I want to be iris.

14. Rules are meant to be broken (well, apart from y’know, those like stealing & shiz, being a law abiding citizen) boundaries should be pushed & boxes are made for thinking outside of

15. You can buy into fashion, which ultimately, fades (& likely comes from a sweatshop). Or you can possess your own, unique style. Embrace your own style.

16. Netfilx. Why did it take me so long to jump on this wagon? However, the person who coined the phrase ‘Netflix & chill’, clearly wasn’t part of the knackered mamas club.

17. Watching making a murder can become an addiction (No joke, I’d get up 1 hour before the 4 year old to watch an episode. When I say watch, I meant shout & tut loudly at the TV)

18. High waisted jeans, are a gals best friend (my mum tum approves). Current faves? Topshop Jamie….

19. When you find a pair of jeans you love, buy multiple pairs at the same time. You’ll never find them again……..

20. Manners are everything. Say please & thank you lots: Spread kindness like peanut butter jelly…

21. Being professionally measured for the correct bra size should be the law (I only trust bravissimo)

22. Finding said correct fitting bra, is not easy. Even when you know the exact size & style you need.

23. Reacting & responding are very different. Don’t react, respond: Go hard on the issue, easy on the person (thanks for that gem of advice, Dad)

24. Always do the squat test when purchasing workout leggings: No one wants to flash their undies & discover their trousers are see through, especially when in the gym.

25. Wearing the right clothes for working out is the start of a successful relationship with exercise

26. Salted caramel is simply, genius.

27. Being comfortable in your own skin takes time. Marching to the beat of your own drum, aligned with the ability to not seek validation from anyone, can terrify others (sorry, but no, I really don’t care what ya think of my tattoo, or me. So na na ne na na *sticks tongue out)

28. Dungarees are a wardrobe staple for life, an integral part of my ‘mum uniform’: they’re not just for when you’re a toddler (& I’ll happily have an arm wrestle anyone who disagrees 😉 )

29. My tolerance levels for all manner of Bull Sh*t, are very, very low. Cut the crap.

30. Punctuality is ridiculously important to me. I hate being late, I hate others being late, & I especially HATE southeastern trains’ time keeping skills (they’re constantly delayed). Despite this, & always leaving early, I still find myself speed walking to the station, & often catching the train by the skin of my teeth! (perhaps I just need another 31 years of Practice?!)

31. As much as it pains me to say this, I do not know everything (but armed with my phone in hand, I’m practically there, thanks to google).

*I feel like this needs to come with a disclaimer*: All thoughts are my own, & are subject to change, without prior warning. Because, y’know, I’m constantly growing & evolving as a human. Innit.

& FINALLY. This post was inspired by my pal Alison & this post she wrote.



  1. 04/04/2016 / 6:42 AM

    So much wisdom in a few hundred words! Leopard? Truth. Hairdresser? Truth. Therapy? Absolute truth. Thank you so much for sharing! x

  2. 31/03/2016 / 7:49 PM

    LOVE this list. You are wise lady (as is Alison). Happy late returns – and so excited to see what lessons the next year will bring. Eeeeeek!

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