When Your Best Friend Is Having A Baby // My Baby Shower Gifts……

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, burts bees, the bright company, cool bananas, cool bananas blog, baby shower giftsThere are certain milestones in life, which will stop you in your tracks & are guaranteed to make you well up with tears (of joy). Like when your bezzie of 30 years (Yes, I’ve known H THAT long, since we were babies) gets married. & When that same friend announces her pregnancy? Well, I could have burst with happiness. I’ll even admit, unashamedly, I was a blubbering mess just the other week as I was chatting to & stroking her bump, that’s totally normal, right?!

I suppose the best way to describe our friendship, is it’s more like a sisterly connection: At times, we’re polar opposites, we don’t live in & out of each others pockets, in fact, weeks or a month can go by without much contact sometimes (we can blame that on ‘life’), but we always pick up where we left off. & I know that wherever life takes us both, we will always be there to support one & another at the drop of a hat.

Since having Bear, I’d say we’ve grown even closer, & I can’t actually convey how excited I am to share all the joys of the newborn days with her over the coming months (this does not mean you can call me at 2am though Hannah, Ok?!). To repay her in a small way, for the encouragement & comfort she has selflessly shown me throughout our journey of parenthood.

Now, I’m still undecided on my feelings towards ‘Baby showers’. Part of me thinks, ‘Amazing! What a Brilliant opportunity to pamper a mother-to-be, before the craziness of the next few months years’. On the other hand, I feel slightly angry that a commercialised American gimmick has snuck its way into British society. Anyway, I decided I would embrace the ‘baby shower’ locomotive, because lets face it: I need little no excuse to hit the shops!! (That, & I truly wanted Hannah to feel spoilt for the day). Here is what I bought…..

Sticking to my initial mission: I wanted to treat Hannah, after all, she is the mothership & needs pampering in the lead up to D day. When Bear was born, she gave us (amongst other things) A Burt’s Bees Baby Kit. What ensued shortly after we tried the products, was an addiction to old Burties (as Mr.B refers to it)-a product, which to this day, we still used in abundance. It seemed very fitting then, that I repaid this favour, & got her hooked on the good stuff too……Providing her with the ‘Mama Bee’ gift collection set (-She’s reported that Mr Hannah has even participated in a foot rub, looks like it was a winner then!!)

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, burts bees IMG_3646 IMG_3645

Wherever I can, I always try & ‘share the love’, of brands that I’ve discovered through motherhood, which are just awesome. Supporting a small business, run by a fellow mama is the icing on the cake. Enter….The Bright Company (I met Alienor through MothersMeetings way back). I’ve been a fan of their PJ’s for Bear for a long time, & couldn’t wait to get my hands on a cute baby grow, & picked out this unisex one for Hannah.

the bright company, cool bananas, cool bananas blog, baby shower gifts IMG_3644

Finally, wanting Hannah to feel like a princess for the day, it was only right she wore a crown, to proclaim such regalness. A flower crown. So I put my green fingers to the test, & threw this masterpiece together! (I was seriously impressed with my first ever attempt at a flower crown)

cool bananas, cool bananas blog, flower crown, baby shower giftsShe might just kill me for this, but she’s such a beaut (& definitely has that ‘pregnancy glow’) I couldn’t not share a picture of her here!……


We spent Saturday Afternoon around H’s Mum’s house (who also happens to be Bear’s nursery teacher, talk about keeping it in the family, eh?!) playing all sorts of games & having a jolly good laugh.

I have to admit, I’m a changed woman: It convinced me that baby showers are definitely a good idea- gathering your nearest & dearest for a chin wag, catching up & enjoying each others company is so incredibly important. & Showing this effort, a united front, to a mother-to-be I’m sure can only serve to make them feel supported & loved. At least, that’s how I hope H felt!

Over to you: Did you have a baby shower? What’s your take on them?



  1. 25/09/2015 / 6:51 PM

    Oh my goodness! That babygrow! It’s the cutest thing. I need to get one for Baby Girl. F has some TBC PJs and loves them. I feel her sister needs some matching ones…

  2. 22/09/2015 / 9:46 PM

    Aaaw, LOVE the flower crowns K! x

  3. 22/09/2015 / 8:35 PM

    Aww! That’s H! Congratulation and what lovely thoughtful gifts, I’m especially loving your floristry!

    I got… Cake from memory, but then that’s 10 years ago and the baby shower’s come on a lot since then x

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